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  1. Did you miss out on him bro? Pretty sad to be coming into a thread of a player you don't own just to extinguish the hype / gloat about him playing bad. Screams sour grapes to me.
  2. Ben Simmons sucks donkey dick. Probably the worst player I've ever seen to make the All-Star game
  3. 19 minutes and a paltry line. I don't think he's worth holding onto if there's someone intriguing on your waiver wire right now. For every good game he gives you, you get 3 bad games.
  4. 17 minutes in a competitive game. He's a drop fellas, sorry.
  5. I’m dropping PJ Trashington for Sato, good luck fellas
  6. Classic case of the unsexy pickup being the better fantasy value
  7. He legit looks like a scrub out there
  8. Seems like you'll never know what you'll get with this cat. 1 point through 3 quarters is absurdly weak for a team this devoid of talent
  9. Dude has the quarter of his life the day after I drop him AND Jaylen Brown (on my team) gets hurt, smh
  10. Ben hates his job more than I do, and that’s sayin something considering he gets paid 8 figures a year to put a ball through a hoop
  11. This guy is super tempting to drop with how inconsistent he is, especially with how many good waiver wire players are emerging right now
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