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  1. Chubb's injury paints their usage in a completely different light if you don't apply context to the numbers though. In Half PPR Chubb averaged around 17.7 points per week whereas Hunt averaged near 11.7.. Of course we can only use the data from the 11 games in which Chubb played and finished (in the Dallas game he was hurt early in the first half I believe, but if you choose to include that game Chubb's average is 16.6). Point being, their fantasy production isn't as close as it appears when just viewing raw numbers. You could also take into consideration the atypical situation of Hunt ha
  2. The Steelers seem to be out of wack and are likely going to use this game as an opportunity to get right before the playoffs. It's probably too late in the year for them to establish the running game like they keep talking about so I think "getting right" involves instilling confidence back into Ben. I like him as a safe option that should outperform his numbers over the last month or so. Brees is the move if you're looking to swing for the fences. The matchup (as well the location of game) promotes a track meet however I think KC will be bringing the heat to try and test how healthy Bree
  3. I'd personally go Higgins, he's seemingly anchored in that offense and I think Cleveland will be looking to keep Baker hot and will be throwing to keep their groove going after losing the heartbreaker on MNF.
  4. Lost Taysom Hill, using Jalen Hurts as my QB1 and have the following options for a superflex (.5 ppr, 4pt TD passes): Cole Beasley: Great individual matchup against 3rd string slot corner. Targets should be there with no John Brown but floor is pretty low... Could also slot in place of JuJu at "regular" flex spot. Matt Ryan: Lack of ceiling without Julio but in theory has a safer floor being a QB (although it could be argued his and Beasley's floor is similar). Waiver options: Mullens or Minshew and no non-QB players worth consideration.
  5. Not sure how the tie-breakers (other than head-to-head) break down but the Titans are still vying with the Colts for their division. The wildcard spots look quite competitive too in the AFC so I'm not sure the Titans are in a spot where they can afford to let off the gas right now.
  6. Feel like you have to play him when healthy. Watching the few times he did play this year and he looks like a huge play waiting to happen when he has the ball, always seems to be operating at a top-speed sprint.
  7. Brady is Brady. You get a pass rush on him and he's very mortal as he grows impatient and frustrated, it's been that way for a long time... Fantasy wise I wouldn't overthink it, he's going to be very useful in the playoffs as they get to beat up on lesser teams after KC.
  8. 100/100 times the best situation to put your team in is to win the game with the ball.. which is exactly what Chubb did. Going even further, you're not forcing your defense to go out and make any more plays which keeps your team healthier in a game where a single given play could result in someone landing on IR. He 100% made the logical decision any way you cut it.
  9. Hopkins and Kittle were both dealing with shoulder injuries though so to bring them into the convo as a comparison isn't exactly accurate. While obviously every player is different it does seem as though the high-ankle sprain is consistently a fantasy outlook killer, I'm absolutely erring on the side of caution with this situation.
  10. Baker is incredibly skittish well before the pressure gets to him, it seems his first instinct is to get "happy feet" rather than plant and read the field. He clearly has no confidence in himself which we're seeing trickle down to a lot of the skill players on offense. It's a carryover issue from 2019, in 2018 we saw a very confident Baker which in turn provided results on the field. The o-line can catch some blame here for sure but until Baker plays like he wants to be out there I don't see how Beckham returns consistent value this season.
  11. Obviously tempering expectations a bit, it was one game after an incredibly strange off-season, but CEH definitely looks the part in this offense. Even with the concerns of Williams taking snaps away somewhat being realized (I guess..?), CEH is clearly the focus of the backfield in KC. The best part is that there is still reception upside to be had here.
  12. I think the receptions will come, we know he is capable. The joy of him favorably answering the question of "is he able to actually be the workhorse?" outweighs my concern for his 0 reception debut
  13. Well the message I originally quoted seemed to imply that some people out there think there is a chance Hunt will somehow resign Chubb to the bench.
  14. I think a 50/50 split amongst a completely healthy backfield is best case scenario for Hunt. Let's not overlook how incredibly good Nick Chubb is as a real-world running back, odds are Hunt won't ever be able to play Chubb to the bench.. There's things Hunt does better than Chubb but there's also quite a bit that Chubb does better than Hunt as well.. I really think they will cannibalize one another to the point where both RB's current ADP is probably a bit higher than they realistically should be.
  15. I'm just catching up here but I don't understand why people are drawing comparisons between Kamara and CEH here... In reality shouldn't we simply be looking at how Kareem Hunt was used as a rookie and treating that as a barometer? I mean, do you think CEH is on par talent wise with a rookie Hunt? I feel like that's the most important question to be asked here. I also get that a blurb came out about him splitting carries week 1 but I personally find it impossible to put a ton of stock into that news when it's what should've been expected all along. We're looking at a rookie player who is m
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