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  1. Kirk vs Browns A.J. Brown vs Texans Gallup vs Rams
  2. Yea I think Darnold has been playing really well, that with the great matchup. Allen could get some points but I could see Dallas playing better this week after the loss to NE. Plus if he gets very little points, I will hate seeing his low score every day and hope for an amazing game from the rest of my players on Sunday. I need to win to this one.
  3. I'm in the same boat. I'm leaning Darnold... but it is very tough.
  4. To Philip R: Na that's too obvious. How about P Rivers: Just retire now for the sake of the analysts, the fans, fantasy players, and most importantly your teammates. It's pretty much a lose lose with you out there. K thx.
  5. Thanks all for the input. Ok who would you pick for a solid floor vs biggest upside?
  6. Looks like Kittle probably won't play, would rather pick up a TE now since he is a Mon night game. Standard scoring... Gesicki @ Indy Rudolph @ Dallas Hockenson @ Chicago (assumed no if Stafford is out) Howard vs Arizona Hollister @ SF
  7. I might be doing the same thing with the Kittle injury.. debating Gesicki or a few others.
  8. With Stafford out... def wouldn't start him. Then again watch him explode for 150 yards 3 TDS.....................
  9. Forreal. I'm fking done. Rivers is getting dropped, I don't care if the only other player to add is Cam Newton.
  10. When I watch Rivers throw, it looks like her just started playing football a few years ago. I picture INT after INT. His throws are just so awful.
  11. Just wow. Rivers is trash. How on earth am I still rostering him and why on earth did I start him 😜
  12. lol jeezuz. Other than Gordon, the Chargers look awful.
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