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  1. Wont be in it because Russ only put up 15
  2. 41 for Murray vs 15 from Russ. Never drafting Russ again
  3. Hate the eagles defense. Murray with a season best game the week I play him. Hadn't top the low 20s since week 10
  4. Cant wait to win the 3rd place game with cmc/kittle back....
  5. Murray with a season high against me typical
  6. Murray with 40 smh. Same guy beat me last year with a 40 burger from Barkley
  7. My opponent had Taysom in all week over Murray and only made the switch to Murray because brees returned
  8. Chiefs have punted multiple times from the 40-42 yardline. Tilting as a butker owner
  9. Murray doubling up Russ in the first half, davis with only 6 filling in for CMC. Chiefs only stalling in their half so nothing for butker. That's all she wrote
  10. Screw the Eagles. Murray with 26 the first half and my Russ at 15 the whole game.
  11. Kyler Murray ripping me a new one while Russ **** the bed
  12. Never again with Russ. Lost me the final last year too with a dud against the cardinals
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