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  1. The rams performance today is the death knell to my fantasy career...completely inexplicable
  2. feel confident as a wr3- starting over AB in a 3 wr game. Browns and mayfield trending up in a big way- ride the wave while it’s hot
  3. I think that reporter was the same dude who said troymaine Pope would be a star and then Ballage killed it lol
  4. Alright someone post the flaming train wreck gif
  5. Could do worse in a 3 wr league if he’s your third wr. Mr 5 for 50 and is still gelling with the team. Not a league winner but could be if Godwin or Evan’s go down this week
  6. the clapper has the 2nd worst offense in the nfc, so there’s that for your baseline lol
  7. i wish this thread was as active as when he crapped the bed after the lions game. Most of those people probably dropped him. Sucks to suck
  8. I won’t be getting the two minutes of my life back of seeing your post, laughing, responding, and then laughing at people’s responses to my Aiyuk > Deebo claim. Because this guy should be in every lineup period lol
  9. If jones is out I really don’t like this guy. Giants will be lucky to run 50 plays
  10. Anyone concerned the floor here he is pulled for Winston? Dude had like 1 fantasy point in the first half last week
  11. more concerned with the offense being **** right now and Daniel jones playing through injury. Not sure if the Seattle game was fluky or not, but giants are trending down big time and the browns are gonna wanna run run run and burn time of possession. So yeah, giants might get 50-55 plays in this one in potentially negative script. Gallman is James Robinson lite- treat accordingly and temper expectations
  12. This running game is almost as worthless as the Steelers
  13. extremely high variance for sure...he’s a candidate to pick to start if you’re an underdog IMO
  14. Don’t like it against giants. Benched him but didn’t affect me fortunately. Giants offense can’t muster anything...only hope here is 40 total rb touches next week and baker is hero ball these days...rushing tds and hogging red zone at times now. basically a flex option next two weeks vs nyg and nyj IMO
  15. Availability is the best dependability. Aiyuks a rookie and is performing better than deebo did, and this is without Kittle, and with a worse qb situation and worse overall team. what Aiyuk is doing even without deebo is really impressive and is more impressive than what deebo has done in his career. If anything, the average football fan hasn’t caught on to aiyuks greatness
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