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  1. Thank you sir! This made me decide to roll the dice on this guy! #lilDame
  2. What's all the fuss about? This is a typical Devonte line.. Not impressed.. 🤣😜
  3. My gad!! And I felt bad I ended up with Graham instead of nunn early in the season! 😂
  4. It's only a 3 steal / 1 block game. no 3s! pffft!
  5. I traded JJJ for covington. Today's his first game with me. My team is in need of stocks and JJJ isnt consistent aside from points and 3s. Not sure if I bought low but I feel covington provides more value than JJj
  6. I traded Jjj for covington! Glad to finally be on the covington bus!
  7. the rebounds, the blocks! man! glad he is back! Sucks they just have two games this week!
  8. Used my 44th pick on him. I was excited he was available in the 3rd of a 16 team league. Should have reached for Bam instead
  9. Came here to look for updates. Good to hear its not serious! Man he was heating up!
  10. The Ryan Anderson comparison seems to be legit
  11. Man! This guys consistency is so inconsistent!!!! 🤬
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