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  1. went in 2nd round in superflex dynasty. ooooooooooooooooof.
  2. gore will play....? ty johnson is unplayable in that case?
  3. i guess we won't know till monday or game time? this is frustrating.. anyone have any intel from twitter or something
  4. is gus a 1-3 week rental for RB desperate teams? I don't see long term upside here.. will dobbins sieze this rule in a matter of time?
  5. started the early season across multiple leagues ive lost multiple weeks of players below: CMC Barkley Godwin Kittle Michael thomas AJ Brown Sutton diontae johnson Cook (not so bad..1 week injury) ----
  6. someone offered me trubisky and 3rd round rookie pick for deandre swift in dynasty superflex. are people seriously this deluded?
  7. [...] he will never be the main guy or bellcow, this is a 3 way split with Henderson being top dog and Brown always in the mix.
  8. Jake "Del-light come me wanna go home" Delhomme
  9. I only have two QBs (Watson and Burrow) and my third QB recently picked up a week ago- Alex Smith. Yup, it's that bare. Is it worth holding onto Smith or can I drop him for an upside skill position? Also just realized Smith and one of my other QBs share the same bye, so even if Alex takes over, it wouldn't help me the week Watson has a bye. (Funny to mention, before I joined a superflex league, I assumed if your main QBs have a bye, and you didnt have a 3rd QB, you have to eat a zero, but quickly found out we can just play a skill position RB/WR/TE instead. Some guy in our leag
  10. totally forgot about the bad back and epidural shot. that was also a big factor in a lot of people's draft day decisions.
  11. I think his ego got really out of control. you couldve seen this coming from his twitter rants and takes.... then punching a teammate... the organization sided with keeping things class act, and not with the ego maniac. i took this guy first round over kamara in a league where we can start 5 WRs... in two leagues... needless to say, i'm almost dead last. money down the toilet edit- keep in mind, kamara's "bad" knee (from last season's injuries) was a topic during draft time. read something on twitter from a good fantasy football analyst who said it was a "ticking time bomb"
  12. will he play after the bye? i cant find a source, but i saw somewhere he thinks he will play
  13. Drop Brady? How much FAAB is appropiate for a QB like Tannehill though? Single QB (Dynasty)
  15. traded away mckinnon for swift in dynasty, feels gud.
  16. im ignorant on his status and situation but is this a long term career affecting injury? is his knee screwed forever? thinking of trying to aquire him in dynasty but not if he has gurley-esque knees.
  17. feels good owning CMC, Godwin, Sutton (dropped), DJ Moore, Gallup. i'm off to a great start.
  18. his volume of targets, routes ran, and snaps is ridiculous. but the production hasn't come. anyone have advanced stats and see if it was because haskins wasn't placing the ball in the right spot for logan to catch? uncatchable targets?
  19. right on que..... got a alert that haskins is officially benched
  20. but if there is a qb change and he has a decent/big game, then you gotta scramble to burn a waiver claim or faab. blah... from cbs: " Thomas played 93 percent of offensive snaps in Sunday's 31-17 loss to Baltimore, but he was limited to one catch for eight yards on four targets. The snap share actually was a season high, though not much of a difference from Week 2 (91 percent) or Week 3 (86 percent). His receiving stats, on the other hand, were season lows across the board, with Thomas falling shy of seven targets and four catches for the first time this year."
  21. man, what to do with this guy in 12 team deep leagues? is he going to explode? heard on podcasts that its a "matter of time" ... has to be a QB change...
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