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  1. 100 percent worth #1 waiver claim. He will be a bellcow with over 15 touches and all the GL opportunities he can handle
  2. Cant watch the game. Can someone advise if Baldwin is still seeing snaps?
  3. Increase in carries reported. Just as Yanksman mentioned above.... picked him up in all leagues. Get him while hes available.
  4. Man this SUCKs. Sounds like a GTD. I have Terrell FREAKING PRYOR on my bench and he'll have to sub in :: pukes::
  5. anyone else starting him? I have no one to drop besides my high end cuff.. Brieda. Or I just drop Henry. But I can't. The upside is too real. Especially the article acknowledging they need to use him more. Why can't old man Gates stay in to block? Eagles have a ferocious front 7 , no? Can Henry be stuck blocking all game AGAIN?
  6. Anyone have a gif or video of ben missing martavius on the first play of the game? Some people say it was a overthrow, others say it was a drop.?!
  7. Non-PPR league 3 wr start with 2 RBs My team: QB: Wentz WR: Julio, Baldwin, Hogan RB: Fournette, Ingram TE: Rudolph Bench: Qb: Carr WR: Snead RB: Dougie, Mixon, Carson Te: Hunter Should I hold on to Mixon? He also just received Jordy in a trade. I could offer him two RBs like Carson and Mixon for Jordy. Keenan in non-ppr I am not sure how valuable he is. PPR he is a #1 of course.
  8. Whats his value in standard non ppr? How many TDs do you guys project for him to have? I never owned Keenan but I got a trade offer to receive him and I'd be giving away an RB2
  9. Anyone have the video of Ben overthrowing Martavious and AB?
  10. I keep hearing how awful and old Ben has looked, and I am seeing him dropped in 10 team leagues. Is it time to sell high on all PITT skill players? The offense isn't clicking the same as in past years, and if Ben misses time which he is a lock to do, the outlook for Brown and Bryant goes down the toilet, no?
  11. I like this statement as I am guilty of doing this a lot. But there is a lot to analyze. What if Howard goes down....is Cohen a stud? If he doesn't go down, is Cohen just a 3rd down passing specialist? and Useless in standard? Is Collins the next big thing if West under performs or fades into obscurity? Whats Allen's role? 3rd down RB? or is the whole thing a 3 headed RB committee and Collins doesn't reach his max potential?
  12. Why not play someone like Simien or Palmer? I dumped Cam in both leagues for Wentz and Palmer. 10 team If you play in a deep league, then you might have no choice but to start Cam.
  13. Why would the OL throw the game?! I could believe they did indeed do it, but if you're a super bowl contender, in a division with KC and DEN, why?! Every Win counts. Del Rio didn't see what was going on? These morons on the OL could be the reason why the Raiders miss a wild card spot ... Heads should roll if the conspiracy theories are true. And what does this mean for the offense and the team going forward? Are they going to sabotage Carr every chance they get now? Tension in the locker room? This could easily dismantle them
  14. PITT's implied total is 24? So a field goal, and 3 TDs, question is- who scores those TDs? Maybe Bell, Brown, and the Outlaw/Bryant?
  15. over/under is 42 with PITT -3 Favorite on the road by the way.
  16. Ravens CBs are Brandon Carr and Jimmy Smith? Are these guys that special? Anyone have PFF grades on these two? We know they won't be able to cover Brown, but can they cover Martavius? Baltimore first two games were against a lifeless Cincy and Cleveland offense, so I am not sure if their defense is legit after getting torn up by the Jags in London. The game being in Balt is giving me some pause, however.
  17. I dont want this to too sound to AC but if you can sell Carson + another RB2 in order to receive Mccoy, would you do it? I feel McCoy is old and reaching the 'Wall' , but at same time, he is a stud when on field. Then again Carson is a young rising potential stud himself. Are you guys selling or holding?
  18. They paid Luck a billion dollars ... you think Irsay is going to let him come back this season and play for a 2-7 colts team and risk more injury to his biggest investment behind a shoddy o-line? Ha. Absolutely not. Irsay isn't dumb.
  19. Is giving up Mixon + Carson too much to receive McCoy? Or just about fair ?
  20. relax bruh.. nothing wrong mentioning league sizes.. that is crucial to mention it actually. A lot of people send people the wrong way when they say "Zach Miller (any random TE) is a MUST ADD" ... yeah he's a must add in 16 team leagues maybe, not in 10 teamers. FFC makes a lot of good posts around here.
  21. Coach Pete Carroll provided little update on Doug Baldwin (groin) Monday, saying the severity of the strain remains unclear. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported the groin strain isn't believed to be serious, but Carroll and the team are still waiting for tests to come back. Baldwin was having a huge game against the Titans with a 10-105-1 line before leaving in the second half. Baldwin has a little extra time to get ready for Week 4, as the Seahawks host the Colts on Sunday night. We'll have plenty of updates. Sep 25 - 6:29 PM Source: Curtis Crabtree on Twitter Shees
  22. Julio is a stud.. depsite not finding pay dirt so far. Gurley is about to face a gauntlet of defenses, his next cupcake matchup is week 12 Saints. in the meanwhile I'm sure he'll put up some Melvin Gordon-esque lines
  23. You cannot drop. Just hold on bench till he blows up, Redskins are just starting to get warmed up on offense. Defenses will start keying on Thompson
  24. Not sure. I play in a standard yahoo league where you can only start two RBs. So I felt Bell > Hunt and Hunt would eventually cool off. And Gurley is about to run into some serious brick wall defenses till he gets the saints in Week 12. And CMC is just a scat back. I did just trade away Montgomery for Baldwin . WR core is decimated. current roster: Freeman, Bell Bench: Ingram Julio, Baldwin, Parker Bench: Benjamin(injured), Pryor(bust), Corey Davis (injured)
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