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  1. Made this trade maybe 10 days ago: Receive: Bell Montgomery Trade away: Hunt Gurley CMC I feel like I got taken to the cleaners almost.
  2. His team would be winning more games and winning superbowls if they threw him the ball and let him dominate the way he can, instead, they're lollygagging out there with Sanu and Gabriel and letting games come down to the wire and blowing big leads. I just think the Falcons could be manhandling teams more with Julio being the monster he has shown he is beyond capable of being. They need to learn to step on their opponents' throats and never let their foot off the gas pedal. And that starts and ends with Julio. Just my opinion. They couldve easily lost yesterday if Gol
  3. If this guy was more vocal, they would've won last year's superbowl. AND they wouldn't have had to fight to the bitter end and let a game come down to a final goalline review to save their asses against the lowly lions. smh. I rather have AJ green at this point. Julio needs the dawg in him to come out.
  4. any chance of him being benched for Anderson so that Cam can heal ? He is hurting himself and the team right now.
  5. can we be sure its not serious? Petey boy has a tendency to disguise injuries
  6. he is a beast but what to do with him? he is rotting away on my bench while im forced to start bums like Pryor, an injured Benjamin. I can only start two RBs (Bell, Freeman)
  7. Montomgery is more talented than gordon in my opinion and better environment. Plus Gordon has knee issue at the moment
  8. yes. fitz is better. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/670745-trade-montgomery-for-baldwin-help-asap-pls-whir/
  9. my WRs suck.. 3WR/2RB start league: WR: Julio, Benjamin, Pryor, bench: Parker, Golladay RB: Bell, Freeman, bench: Monty, Ingram
  10. anyone have the total snap count for HH and gates? WTH HAPPENED?
  11. non-ppr/ Saw a stat where Kizer takes most deep shots and Colts give up the most 20 yard plus plays... All experts have Hogan ranked higher.
  12. non ppr. tough... I dont know what to do...help!!
  13. Surprised that the ravens arent heavy picked ...everyone is on GB, NE, DEN, PITT, MIA. I would pick DEN or PITT but would rather save them for a future match. Going baltimore... seriously can't see the ravens D getting out battled by jags Offense
  14. Sitting as well ... I have to see it to believe that Petey boy will make him a trusted starter and workhorse. I believe I am playing Ingram @carolina ahead of Carson this week.
  15. CMC and Henry...I would also check the rankings here on rotoworld
  16. Makes sense, I am just concerned they'll be gone next Wednesday morning since my league is waiver trigger happy . What do ya suggest I do with Rudolph though in the meantime?
  17. Currently have Rudolph and Hunter. Do I drop Rudolph? I need a QB badly (Cam is my only QB on roster) and Cousins, Wentz, Rivers are on Waiver. My logic for dropping Rudolph is that with Sam Bradford going to see Dr Andrews for a 2nd opinion.. He's probably done for a long time and all the skill players Diggs, Theilen, Rudolph get downgraded on offense I still plan to play Cam this week.. But want to stash a QB in case cam flops big time going forward.
  18. Play the chiefs vs the chargers or drop them for Tampa? Someone above posted their injury report.. a lot of players on D are either Out or Questionable
  19. is Keenum really that bad? ugh.. I have a few shares of Rudolph... why did I pick him ahead of Ertz? Smh. Here's to hoping Casey can lean on him in RZ...
  20. Benching him this week... Smh... (parker, benjamin) 2 TDs 80 yards incoming vs Oakland secondary
  21. Never seen this guy play, who do you guys compare him to in regards to what type of WR is he? I keep hearing hes a PPR guy... I play non PPR... so is he a Jarvis Landry type, a lot of catches, 80 yards, and low low touchdown upside? Is there touchdown upside with this guy?
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