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  1. Would you guys burn a high waiver on Corey Davis? and Higgins? (separate leagues) Or best to wait till they clear and claim them? Assuming the 9 other owners arent aware
  2. A lot of rankings have these guys all in the top 20 or 25 or so.. who's the odd man on the bench? Pryor? Shown nothing so far, but big advantage against a weak oakland secondary that allowed kearse to score twice Parker? Facing a jets team that the dolphins might run all day on Benjamin? Cam hasn't shown much... Beckham I'd assume is an auto start (duh) but then again.. they do face the eagles D and manning has looked terrible.
  3. you guys don't have IR slots ? Someone dropped him.. thinking of using my #2 waiver on him..
  4. Is it crazy? HH can have top 5 upside, no? My Current TE is Rudolph but with Sam Bradford being out possibly for a long time...
  5. Some people got baldwin in the 4th round? What platform? Yahoo? In Yahoo he consistently went in the late 2nd round.. smh...I picked this guy ahead of the likes of Gronk, Cooper, Cooks
  6. Very tempted to start him but with options like Jaquizz I might go with Quiz...sigh
  7. Quiz faces the bears who just shut down the combo of Freeman and Coleman Ingram faces the pats who just got gashed by Hunt and the chiefs offense A lot of experts have Quiz ranked ahead...not sure who to go with...Hbu guys?
  8. No love for ingram this week? All rankers/experts have him outside top 20... as if Drew Brees won't lead his team inside pat's 5 yard line multiple times this game...
  9. not a fan of DT or SW. julio side wins easily. two stud wr and monty is good himself help pls http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/666910-l-bell-trade-involving-hunt-whir/
  10. trade hyde for either diggs or pryor. avoid hilton help pls: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/666910-l-bell-trade-involving-hunt-whir/
  11. keep crowell side pls help http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/666910-l-bell-trade-involving-hunt-whir/
  12. Cutler is touted by a lot of expert articles that he will be very servicable in 2 qb leagues. pick him up and HOLD luck help pls: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/666910-l-bell-trade-involving-hunt-whir/
  13. I give up Hunt, Gurley, CMC and I receive: Bell, Ty Mont 10 team standard non-ppr, must start 3 wr and can only start 2 RBs My team: Qb:Cam WR:Julio, Pryor, Benjamin Rb: Freeman, Hunt Te: Bennett WR Bench: Parker, Corey Davis, Golladay Rb Bench: Gurley, Hunt, Ingram Is it worth giving up Hunt, Gurley, CMC just to pair Bell with Freeman? and Ty Mont on the bench? Or should I leverage Gurley + another player to make a major upgrade at WR like going for AJ Green ?
  14. Jags vs titans this week? Mariota, Corey Davis, Decker, Murray, Henry? Curious what the over/under is for this game...
  15. 10 teamer. No Flex. Non-ppr league. 2 RBs must start every week. Is he worth it? I have Freeman, Gurley, CMC, Crowell, Ingram, AP on my roster as currently stands. I would be dropping AP for him. If anything, would he provide good trade bait? maybe for a tight end? my current Te is Marty Bennet.
  16. ^ Werd. I would never start him since I have four solid RBs ahead of him. He'd be my RB5... Just not sure if I want to burn that #1.... ugh. Good trade bait though?
  17. Lets hope someone like the giants or arizona trade for AP or ingram.. Idk... this looked terrible. Saints offense looked a joke.. no momentum or any rhythm especially in the run game. I still believe ingram is the guy to own here.
  18. What is his value in non-ppr no flex standard yahoo leagues? Worth a #1 waiver claim??
  19. Arizona was close to trading for him in 2015. Can they try again? What's the realistic chances? I dont want to drop him outright for cohen
  20. Did Cook look good? my eyes were on and off the tv.. but everytime I saw him carry he looked like he was running into brick walls for short gains all night, and that big 40-something yarder in junk time...
  21. is AP Droppable? #1 waiver drop him for Cohen? non-ppr. Or is it possible he gets traded to a team like the giants?
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