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  1. payton needs to get canned.. this is a joke... 3 headed backfield? Does the media down there call him out on this BS? Ingram was an efficient stud last year. They need a coach who isn't full of himself and tries to out-cute himself with gadget players like Kamara . WTF
  2. Thoughts?? I read on espn saying with Beckham inactive, Roger Lee Lewis will step into his place? What does this mean? Will Shepard see the field in 2WR sets? or only in 3WR sets?
  3. Will it change to OUT? I cant seem to move him into an IR slot. Anyone else??
  4. yahoo says inactive. How come he isnt listed as OUT so i can move him to IR slot and pick up someone else???? will it change to OUT?
  5. anyone remember roddy white's stressful headache of a season when he played with a lingering ankle sprain that never healed?
  6. Who's trotting him out there? I might have my hand forced due to lack of no other options on bench, but being the vikings, I am scared AP will get all the goalline touches in "revenge game" style... ugh.. How did he look in preseason? Fast? Slow?
  7. Ha. Roger and NFL is happy? This makes Roger look like a fool and a loss of power.... he is steaming I bet. Livid. You're the commissioner of the NFL, the most powerful man, and you get constantly undercut by judges and law courts?
  8. He was targeted on a play action near the goal line, he was targeted near/in the endzone and drew a penalty flag, and that one TD that was ruled not a catch.
  9. he's only going to play 60% of the snaps, mainly passing situations.
  10. Does Snead have Touchdown upside when he returns? or is he mainly a possession receiver.. lots of receptions and some yards? His suspension really screwed me.. Forced to start a WR (who will go unnamed) from last nights Pats game edit: standard yahoo league..non-ppr.. 3 WR
  11. Engram is in a laughable situation.... I'm sure two arrogant diva WRs are going to let him sniff a redzone target... it's going to be all about O dell and Marshall... no one else.
  12. I can envision 15 carries for 30 yards, at the half. Like someone else said. Seriously worried, as I've seen his name littered all over "sit" columns for week 1.
  13. Good piece to have on a 10 team league roster? Could he be their go-to option in the redzone/goalline due to his height ?
  14. if belichek was smart he would get the run game going with Gilly... right now they're giving the cheifs a fighting chance to win this game
  15. Idk if you guys noticed but when Pats ran out of the tunnel it was AMENDOLA who was at Brady's hip and they ran out together. I thought it was Hogan but no, #80 is amendola.. SMH. Amendola top 20 wr rest of the way
  16. ok.. seriously.. where is hogan????? why is old man amendola catching everything?
  17. high ankle sprain during basketball (stepped on someone's foot as I was landing) knocked me out of commission for 2 months... let's hope O'dell has better genetics than I do
  18. Confident in starting Cam week 1? is his shoulder good to go? Rivera has been tight lipped about it, no?
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