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  1. So is Cooks going to line up left side of the field, Mitchell rightside, and Hogan in the slot? What kind of routes does Hogan run or excel at? Deep? Intermediate? Short?
  2. Either they come back super strong and go 12+ wins.. or they crumble from shattered confidence and barely win 4-5 games.. It will all fall on Matt Ryan and his shoulders to lead this team. They go as far as he takes them. I hope I am wrong about them crumbling.. I have a lot invested in ATL offense..mainly Julio in 3 leagues... and Freeman in a couple. Is the new OC going to keep Shananan's basic principles in place or is he installing a brand new offensive scheme? I'm not plugged into ATL so I have no idea what kind of offense he's going to run.. especially for the ru
  3. Is anyone worried about the new OC and possible superbowl loss hangover?
  4. Dang.. I accepted it due to the fact Murray might slow down with Henry on his tail, and Hyde faces a brutal schedule and on a not so great offense. I appreciate the replies though fellas.. I might've made a mistake accepting (at work at the moment so I sort of rushed it) but I do own burkhead and henry along with Martin, Blount, and Carson. And I think Ingram and Gilly are pretty good RBs.. not stellar like Demarco, but serviceable enough to hold the fort down
  5. Do i give up Crabtree, Demarco, and Hyde for Julio, Ingram, and Gilly? My team right now: Winston AB, Crab, Parker Bench: garcon, Diggs, Hogan Hyde, Murray Bench: Rawls, Blount, Henry, Carson, Martin help asap!
  6. so are we all on board with thinking Hunt will put up J zizzle (Jamaal Charles) numbers? oh babyyyyyy sign me up
  7. ^ thanks man. What do you think of his schedule? FFtoolbox has JAX as the 5th easiest schedule for RBs this year which is a huge plus, but I was really surprised when I saw this chart: Or maybe just show him the Jaguars’ schedule, which is one of the league’s toughest for running backs during the first six weeks of the season. Four of the first defenses he will face — the Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans, Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets — all ranked in the top 10 for allowing the lowest percentage of runs on third or fourth down, two yards or less to go, that achieved a fir
  8. Can someone please give me a realistic unbiased projection of Fournette's numbers by end of season? Have to make a decision on him
  9. freeman and toss up between AJ and MT, whoever you like more. Both stud WRs
  10. Non-ppr must start 3wr and 2 rb league: Qb: Cam Wr: Julio/Baldin/TY bench: Snead, Hogan, Rb: Mixon, Ware(lost him), Ingram, Dougie, Quiz, J hill, Perine, Chris Carson Te: Rudolph Do I trade TY? (Luck's health unknown). If I do, I can also ask for 1 for 1 deal of TY for Hunt? or Fournette? Right now I have a pending offer of Watkins and McCaffrey. Same team has Fournette and Hunt. Mixon is in RBBC and so is Ingram. Dougie out first 3 games.. RB core is really muddy.
  11. Question is, does Hunt pass the eye test? Is he a true NFL talent, ready to be thrust into a bell cow role? Going from getting tackled by college DLinemen and LBs to NFL fully grown defenders is not a easy transition.
  12. Is Marvin Lewis really going to repeat the same process of starting J HILL and Gio like the past few years and live with a zero effective ground game? If he's purposely trying to get fired, then yes. This team needs new blood and Mixon is it. Im sure the media will be down Lewis' throat every week "When is Mixon going to get more carries?" especially if they have no ground game and the loses start piling up. Baltimore week 1 is no joke. Flacco will play. If they lose that game and the offense and Hill struggle , sound the alarms in the jungle.
  13. thoughts in standard? Decent RB2 .. even better RB3 to have on bench?
  14. I cant envision the Pats and Brady force feeding Cooks, when they have big running backs to lean on and pass catchers out of the backfield to give them a balanced attack. Who the hell knows. It's the pats. Danny Amendola will have a 2 TD game sometime this year.
  15. Went heavy WR with Julio Baldwin and TY my first 3 picks, went RB heavy next several picks with Mixon, Ware (freakin injured), Ingram, Douggie, Quiz, J Hill, Perine, Smallwood, and Snead as my wr4 and hogan wr5. Lost ware tonight. RB situation looking f******;d. What to do? Trade Julio for a RB stud? or TY for Fournette?
  16. how bad is it? done for a long time? season ending?
  17. Jesus, does this make TY hilton DND and AVOID? If tolzien will be manning the helm? I have to believe the colts are doing everything they can to make their stud QB all systems go for week 1...they just don't want to say "yes, he's playing week 1" to give them some room if he tweaks something and then out of a sudden he misses game 1 and makes them look like liars. Can they possibly be playing coy just to affect the game planning of their week 1 opponent? Reporters are homers and they could be possibly playing along with the charade to keep the Rams guessing
  18. I can see Kelley being very ineffective.. a bunch of plodding 2-3 yard runs and no game breaking runs...can Perine possibly take over if the run game is completely stagnant? or is Gruden the type of coach to remain stubborn and keep trotting Kelley out there despite no run game?
  19. ^ Wondering the same. Any skins fans monitoring the situation and can clue us in? : )
  20. Jesus.. I went WR/WR/WR Julio/Baldwin/Hilton (not on purpose) I just couldn't swallow taking Gurley, Fournette, Miller, Cook, or Lynch. I wanted Crow but he went right before my turn. 4th overall sucks. I should've picked Mccoy or Freeman over Julio probably.
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