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  1. Reid doesnt throw rookies into the fire right away. Hunt is just a mere handcuff and will be sprinkled in to keep Ware fresh through the whole season. I own both, and with Hunt in the picture it will keep Ware from fatiguing himself out and injury free.
  2. oh yeah in PPR makes sense and is a #1 definitely. I have him in standard. Hope he gets 7-8 TDs somehow. On the Luck note, Luck should be back week 1 and Colts are playing coy maybe to mislead their week 1 opponent? I'm expecting a big season from the TY/Luck connection this year
  3. I would be concerned if TY is my #1 WR .. can the colts really give moncrief and doyle all the redzone looks? Update: Just did some research and Hilton lead the team with 16 red zone targets. Doyle 14 and Moncrief 10 How does TY score when they are deep in the redzone? Short quick slants? Screens? I dont think they throw jump balls or fades to him..
  4. it is really depressing when a WR like Julio has such low red zone usage and low TD count... he had one more TD than Amari Cooper.. meanwhile Jordy and Evans rack them up..12-14 tds a piece Anyway: Will Touchdowns Pick Up? Aside from missing a few games due to injury, Jones’ main concern remains his red zone usage. In 2016 he saw a red zone target share of a mere 11.8% (94th) on 14 targets. In this area he was out-targeted by Mohamed Sanu (18 targets) and Devonta Freeman (19). While this is concerning, there is room for optimism going into 2017. New Offensive Coordi
  5. Isn't it highly unlikely that Hunt will "dominate" this backfield and instead will be used to spell Ware and keep Ware fresh as the season goes on?
  6. I like Hilton I'd like him a lot more if andrew luck was ready to go week 1 : )
  7. Crucial big draft tonight, picked out of the 4th hole in a 10 team yahoo league and its a total nightmare spot to be in. My brain froze in the 3rd round and I went with TY Hilton.. first two picks were Julio (was debating taking Freeman) and Baldwin. WR-WR-WR and I never do this, but my brain froze in 2nd and 3rd rounds.. especially the 3rd. The RBs available at the 2/3 turn are not ideal options for me.. Fournette.. Gurley (own him in one league.. didn't want multiple shares) Miller.. and the Crow.. I wanted to pick Crow but he went literally one spot ahead of me and I went with
  8. Picked 4th out of 10 in a standard 3 WR 2 RB league...my brain froze and I spazzed out completely with my 3rd pick: TY Hilton, after going with Julio and Baldwin first two picks. Picking 4th was a total nightmre because the RBs available in that range are typically Fournette, Gurley, Miller, Crowell. And Crow went one pick just before me in the 3rd. I also sort of regret not picking Freeman 4th overall instead of Julio. Was debating that all the way down to the clock. Went with Julio ultimately. Worried about my RB situation. Mixon bad OLine, Ware could lose job? Ingram
  9. According to a yahoo note: Advice: He also played 4-of-5 third-down snaps. Hyde didn't look like a natural running between the tackles in Kyle Shanahan's zone scheme, however, and he now has just 26 yards on ten carries this preseason. Nevertheless, as a current every-down back in a Shanahan offense, Hyde has value-pick appeal in the fifth round. Can Hyde adapt and run in this scheme? If he starts the season slow and doesnt look "natural" running in KS's scheme.. do they start handing it off to Joe Williams?
  10. 10 team league..4 teams make playoffs. playoffs start week 15 (instead of the usual week 14) .. does this help in deciding to draft Elliot in making a playoff push? Assuming you have a bad start and have the extra week (week 14) to get a W and into the playoffs. With that said, how early do you take zeke? beginning of 2nd round? or near the end of 2nd round? or do you avoid completely? I would hate to see him slip the DJ or Bell owner
  11. Does anyone else wait and wait for their QB and TE? All my picks through rounds 1-8 tend to be RBs and WRs (standard yahoo league... non-ppr..must start 3wr and 2 rb) .I love to build depth, whether its to protect myself from injuries, or use as trade bait. So in one league, I ended up with Derek Carr and M. Bennett in the 11th and 12th rounds.. I mean, I dont feel great at all about those two players. Especially Bennett. I never draft lets say a Jimmy Graham and Russel Wilson in the middle rounds, i would love to, but there's so many good RBs and WRs that could break out and pr
  12. Should I trade: Gronk Doug Martin Crabtree for Jordy J. Graham Ingram My team at present moment: Winston A. Brown Crabtree Parker Murray Hyde Gronk Bench: Blount, Martin, Rawls, Jamal Williams, Diggs, Garcon
  13. no feedback from his preseason game? I heard he looked terrible..4 rushes 2 yards..and I ended up with this guy on my team with pick 28 last week.. very nervous. someone talk me off the proverbial ledge please.
  14. Got this guy in the 5th round at pick 48 of a standard 3wr/2rb league. ADP I believe is pick 28. Not sure how I feel about using a pick on him, but he's on my bench as my RB3. No one else interesting enough was available at this point of the draft. Can he run between the tackles? or is he just Danny Woodhead 2.0 ? What are the chances he can supplant Jstew and be fully featured as 3down RB? I feel Jstew is old, and out of his prime. He's been playing FOREVER..just googled him, 30 years old.
  15. Got this guy in the 12th round of a standard draft. Should be ecstatic. Feeling a bit uneasy as the Raiders have the worst strength of schedule for QBs this season as they face Denver, SD, and KC twice. And I keep reading his name pop up on "bust" articles due to his 7th round ADP. Anyone else concerned?
  16. this guy is on benches in 10 team yahoo leagues.... no confidence in him?... i have zero shares.
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