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  1. is ekeler a buy low if you're sitting decent on RBs? Would you trade Mckinnon to acquire him? or is that too much? 6 week absence probaby...
  2. dropped damien harris sunday morning bc i needed a kicker, should've dropped brian hill instead.. smh. Keep hearing how Gurley looks "indecisive" and "slow" ..
  3. [...] i hope he keeps the same role.. isnt he a top 20-25 rb every single year?
  4. absolutely no way he plays this year. maybe week 11 after the bye. they said he has NOT even been tackled in practice. Last time he was tackled was college. they have wrapped him in bubble wrap. and their o-line sucks. fitz has been great at escaping pressure, but also taken some big hits... and as a franchise you dont want seeing tua take those same big hits
  5. drop. the ATL offense runs on julio's back.
  6. This whole offense (actually let's say CITY of ATLANTA) runs on Julio's back and shoulders, without him they crumble. Ridley and Gage belong to the waiver wire if Julio is out extended time.Last night showed how bad they are and how good Julio is. Guy sucks up the entire attention of the defense so bums like Ridley can run around scoring 3 TD games padding their stats Remember the KG commercial? They need one for Julio;
  7. hopefully they cancel the season i got $3500 in league fees that id like to have back. my rosters are all decimated with michael thomas, kittle, godwin, AJ brown, CMC, barkley, golladay. we'll see how greedy the NFL really is. update- chiefs backup QB now tested positive. yikes.
  8. hopefully they cancel the season i got $3500 in league fees that id like to have back. my rosters are all decimated with michael thomas, kittle, godwin, AJ brown, CMC, barkley, sutton. ------ this season tbh update- oh yeah, golladay too.
  9. i know theres a ton of guice haters just to be haters of this guy, but for those are who guice truthers, are you holding him in dynasty leagues or have you dropped?
  10. traded away james robinson about 2 weeks ago for laviska in dynasty.... not sure how to feel about it now. smh.
  11. choked in primetime. smh... thought this guy could handle the limelight, but apparently not. will get dropped next week
  12. freeman will need atleast 3 weeks before he gets acclimated to the nfl grind, and then he will be a 1st 2nd down grinder while dion gets all the high value ppr touches in the offenses
  13. no one cares. take this nonsense to reddit or go here ----> wordpress.com and create a blog (that no one will read)
  14. Wasnt there a recent report that said tua has NOT even been tackled since his hip surgery and he is no where near ready to play? good news for fitz to keep this going?
  15. im not too familiar with his injury timeline but is there a chance he is coming back too soon and could re-aggravate it? he originally got the injury in the week leading up to week 1?
  16. sorry, to be technical and exact, its 3wr, 2rb, 2 flex, but since it's ppr, everyone considers it basically a 5WR league.
  17. IR. Didnt Kamara and Barkley only miss 3 or 4 games last year?
  18. Full ppr $500 league We can start 5wr in this league. My team right now Kyler — CMC injured out Gibson Kelley Edmonds Snell Swift — Golloday Chark Mclaurin DJ Moore Kirk Shenault Campbell injured out - dropping John Ross - dropping — Hock . It’s a very fair offer I think I have to accept it? Or should I wait for cmc to come back? Gibson Kelley and swift would fill in and I only need two of them to start. and I’ll start my current 5 WRs which I think are pretty good ?
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