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  1. can someone please clear this up for me... if we are in week 2 and i have 80$ left out of $100, and a recommended percentage for player A is 20%.. is that 20% of my original budget of 100$ or 20% out of what i have remaining, 80$?
  2. is the NFL going to be dead in 5 years or so with all the elite players getting injured constantly? this week and before have been blood baths. along with all the lower body injuries, the constant concussions... smh.
  3. how could he look like such a bum on the panthers last 2 years and all of a sudden he is rejuvenated?
  4. the ego is the size of the hulk of any of these NFL players especially the elite talented skill position players, they'll do and attempt anything (hurdles) to get on espn highlights
  5. PPR GOLD. LEAGUE WINNER. .. they said. rage dropping soon as possible. i should've listened to all the pro scouts and analysts when they said hines is just a track and field athlete, he has doesnt have much 'football' NFL talent
  6. this week my lineup was missing michael thomas, godwin, kittle, and AJ brown.
  7. steroid use is partially to blame, seems like these guys are carrying too much muscle and their tendons cannot support all the mass.
  8. drafted M. Thomas, Godwin, Kittle, AJ Brown in a nice multi WR start league.... team is done for.
  9. ???? some people amaze me. go back to reddit pls
  10. suggested % on dallas goedart? are people overspending and going to regret dropping a large chunk of cash on him? week 1 overreaction? what will happen when things flip and ertz gets 8 targets and dallas gets 3?
  11. Mike thomas.. Godwin.... looks like WRs are dropping like flies. Lets not forget Sutton, Golloday, Evans. Unreal way to begin the season
  12. Cam took a few big hits on Sunday. Are they really going to use him like he's a fresh 21 year old bulldozer again from his Carolina days? especially inside the 5 or 10 yard line.. could limit damien's ceiling?
  13. is everyone holding or droping duke johnson and tevin coleman? it's still too early to panic drop them? deep 12 team ppr leagues.
  14. Back at practice.... doesnt say if fully practicing but it seems so?
  15. only reason im contemplating to hold is because of david johnson's injury history. he was in pain for a bit on the sidelines last game, it almost looked like the same old story was happening yet again for him
  16. holding only in superflex... in single QB he isn't rosterable..that offensive line as mentioned, bobby hart, won't be doing him or mixon any favors..
  17. this guy is defintely rosterable in deep 12 team leagues right... right? i guess the very low touches last game was due to the air quality and not risking tevin's health much. but is mostert really more talented than coleman? i was/still am expecting tevin to out perform and out touch mostert as the season goes on...
  18. is he a HOLD? (assuming its a deep 12 team league) he is probably missing 2 weeks or so? is the injury a high ankle sprain? update- day to day with a chance to suit up this week? it's unlikely but sounds close to returning week 3? Rotowire-Coach Bill O'Brien called Johnson (ankle) day-to-day Monday, Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reports. Analysis: Johnson was dubbed week-to-week over the weekend, and Ian Rapoport of NFL Network previously reported that he's unlikely to play in Week 2, but O'Brien's comments now seem to indicate that Johnson has a chance t
  19. Took this guy over Henry, Kamara and CEH in full ppr multiple flex league going WR heavy. So much for that plan and now he’s dealing with a bum ankle? Shoot me. His season (our fantasy season) is over with. He probably won’t be fully healed till week 8.
  20. what a bum team. why bother spending a high draft pick on a guy just to have malcolm brown tote the rock over him? akers is automatic rage drop in most leagues
  21. imagine passing on guys like kamara and cook, and adams for michael thomas. what a bum offense. is drew brees washed?
  22. are the pats a safe pick or can MIA pull off the upset?
  23. i have a rating system tool and its saying colts and pats are the best picks this week. i am not sure how i feel about that... colts defense is pretty damn good isnt it and the jags are tanking? jags D is awful, colts should run away with it didn't pats struggle against MIA last year and lost? dont feel confident in the pats... is cam newton back to his old self?
  24. these forms have been turning into reddit for a while now.
  25. holy -----.... he has top 3 upside. steal of the year?
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