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  1. not goff's fault. the offense line is brutal...the game is won in the trenches and didnt they lose 2 more offensive line men last weekend? sheesh..
  2. So I've heard, the specific thing this week... is how goff handles and gets the ball out versus the ferocious steelers pass rush, and most likely it will be short quick passes, which kupp and everett will benefit from only. Anyone confident? [...]
  3. is there an ounce or a shred of new england chatter or radio about the possibility of benching sony for harris? or what? tired of holding onto damien
  4. is this guy even worth holding on to?? sheesh
  5. only startable if desperate in 12 team leagues with 3WR+flex spot .. good bench stash too. yahoo 10 team leagues are a utter joke 2WR+flex spot..yeah tre'quan will never show up there, even on a bench.
  6. if haskins has a truly bad confidence shaking game, some picks and fumbles, will redskins try to sit him for keenum? from the video highlights, he didnt look all that bad... against maybe the most ferocious pass defense in the league...on the road! the remaining schedule looks great for terry. philly and nyg weeks 15-16. droppable in shallow ten teamers, but no way in a 12 teamer.
  7. he's back. any hope he can have a burst to end the season here?
  8. Yup, and i think thats how his second concussion happened. over the short middle. First one was on a deep attempt
  9. checked his twitter, seems like an amazing guy and a man of faith. it sucks the way hes used on the field as a deep threat, where he gets targeted on long bombs and falls to the turf hard on his head/shoulder to make the catch. hope he'll be OK long term health wise
  10. droppable in a deep 12 teamer? smh... cant believe its come to this.
  11. huge disappointment, i knew it was going to a bust season ...not cuz of moore himself, but cam and his injured shoulder, and no stud QB behind him
  12. who was the colts starting 3 WR set when hilton was healthy? was hilton in the slot and pascal was the primary right side WR? who was on the left? is campbell going to replace hilton's role in the slot?
  13. is everyone else rostering his handcuff, reggie bonnafon? or is it not necessary?
  14. barely rosterable in 12 team leagues, what a joke of a season it's been ...BoB is a terrible coach. duke should be getting the james white treatment ... but he isnt. sigh
  15. had this bum on my bench, pure lunacy how he runs and holds the ball. laughable
  16. how much for stills? am i crazy to blow my remaining budget on him? we start 5wrs in my league
  17. what about robinson ? with all the coverage focus being on hill
  18. must hold in deep 12 team leagues? can he still go off any given week? What's the KC WR depth chart anyway? Tyreek lining up as the 1, Watkins as the 2, Robinson is the slot ? or does he move outside now with watkins out? and mecole is the slot ?
  19. cant they inject his toe with steroids or numbing agent to numb the pain ? its 2020 for goodness sake
  20. drafting henderson in mid summer drafts in the 5-7th rounds (like a moron) and malcolm brown in the 15th round finally going to come to fruition?
  21. drafting henderson in mid summer drafts in the 5-7th rounds (like a moron) and malcolm brown in the 15th round finally going to come to fruition?
  22. if you own david johnson...15-20 percent... if you dont own him... 5 percent.
  23. when sites and experts say for example such and such player is worth 5 percent of your budget, do they mean your remaining budget, or your original starting up budget?
  24. yes. another 'expert' said 5% since everett is a upside TE2 and they are dime a dozen..hm...what would you spend? im wracking my brain over this. i do have hunter henry coming back soon i guess..
  25. how much to bid for everett? $300 left out of $500 budget. 12 team deep league and need a TE..got hunter henry injured. A 'expert' friend told me $10?
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