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  1. no one likes houston this week vs the panthers?
  2. feel free to delete this.. my ears literally bled. everyone else, you've been warned and wont get back the 30 seconds you wasted watching this.
  3. Despite people having "half a brain", I was still being ridiculed by folks such as yourself. I was still correct though wasn't I? Do you even play sports? Have you suffered any type of ankle injuries? hip pointers? calf strains? Or do you just sit on your butt all day downing dorito chips and cheetos? with a greasy ps4 controller no less while your mom vacuums up the crumbs you leave behind. "CSB"
  4. Like i predicated two pages back...this injury sucks.
  5. 85% bid, he's going to get goalline and redzone work
  6. I guess my YMCA experiances were close enough
  7. RW blurb just said Rivera confirmed Newton is still the starter, hah... smh. With the way the players were rejuvenated on the sidelines with touchdowns from KA, this might cause a locker room problem if Newton starts and stinks it up again. Defintely has to be a short leash. I see Newton on waiver wires in 10 and 12 leagues, and not even worth picking up.
  8. I can see you suffer from lack of reading. I said I needed (and my teammates) 16 weeks proper recovery, I am predicting 6-8 weeks for pro athletes. But hey look at Roddy white. Took him a whole year of recovery since he insisted playing on it.
  9. High ankle sprain is minimum 6-8 weeks. Playing organized basketball since 14 i've seen these things numerous times at practices and games. Happened to me few times. I was out 4 months. They take forever to heal, especially if the player keeps insisting to play on it it will never heal properly and run a risk of re-injuring it. They wont be the same player until a full proper recovery season off.
  10. does cam even get his job back? the offense looked so much better with KA, rather than slow and lethargic when newton was back there... jeez. It was a whole different team..
  11. any projections for tonight? jets missing two studs on defense right? The rookie first round pick and Mosely?
  12. cardinals defense made this guy look like a super hero, and he crashed back down to earth big time. cant roster two TE's, drop city.
  13. BAL or CLE? who you guys rolling with ? (everyone and their grandma will be on CLE... Mosely and Q Williams out for jets)
  14. this is a serious injury, i dropped him, by the time 6 weeks roll by, he will need another 3-4 weeks to get into shape. he will be immobilized for 4-6 weeks (which is a bogus time frame to begin with) and then immediately jump into nfl action and be fit for it? I doubt it. His season is likely done.... smh.. waste of a 6th round pick and now i have to start a scrub like cj uzomah.
  15. what are the chances his arm is rusty and needs a couple of weeks to get in the groove of things like luck last year? and 2) what are the chances the panthers drop the next 2 games and the fans and media start calling for Grier?
  16. possibly the worst year to do survivor... everyone will just pick ______ versus miami every week... this s*** is no fun this way.
  17. just saw someone in a yahoo league draft mccoy ahead of williams in the early 4th round. wowzers......this is getting out of control.
  18. top 15 RB easily, wont be surprised if he finishes inside the top 10.
  19. fade this entire offense, too many mouths to feed, kelce and tyreek both drop a round each, maholmes will regress, they have the 1st hardest schedule this year at all positions. hardman and mccoy will steal looks from everyone. Easy touchdown inside the 10 for kelce or tyreek or DW? nope andy reid decides to do a swing reverse to hardman for a touchdown or draw up a play for mccoy. this whole team is filled with boom/bust players now
  20. start the hype train. kid got more upside than montgomery? hmmm
  21. we seriously expect him to last 220+ touches after career high being 50?
  22. droppable in 12 team leagues since sanders is back and looked great?
  23. whos the big back cuff? howell? higdon? crockett?
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