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  1. red flags everywhere, age, mental healthy/stability, diva temper... only a matter of time before he punches a gaterade cooler on the sidelines or worse, slams it over derek carr's head over the playcalling or Carr's ability to throw a deep football. oh and, doesnt help that the raiders overall SOS and against pass defenses is 2nd most difficult in the NFL. probably retires by mid season or whenever the raiders' bye week is
  2. ^ if thats the case... Cmc, moore, and samuel's stock down as well?
  3. what happened exactly? minor foot injury or major?
  4. Got a phone alert saying Henderson expected to receive 9-12 weekly touches.... hype machine building once more? i can see why experts were reaching for him in 5th/6th rounds several weeks ago...
  5. friendly reminder that sproles is still on the roster.. aka doug pedersen's favorite player oh yeah.. and Smallwood, Clement, and Adams. Howard will certainly have a big role on this team, his demise is greatly exaggerated this will be very frustrating.. sigh.
  6. Hilton is in for a huge season, even with brisset, TY is just so good and fast. YAC beast. Insane route rounning, the ball finds him naturally. Now with Funchess, Ebron, Campbell they allow Hilton to get more open as defenses have to account for other playmakers. Sign me up all day for some TY
  7. public is way over hyped. jordan horward will be the main veteren guy there and be used heavily and as a goalline bulldozer. clement and smallwood will mix in and steal touches here and there whenever doug pedersen feels to be cute with the offense. bottom line: sanders will be touch squeezed .. i'll happily let someone draft a part time 4-way committee RB in fifth-sixth round and let me scoop up full time players
  8. Isnt Matt Lafleur one of those coaches that tries to get too cute and come off as some sort of genius? I say glad he's gone. He twiddled too much and tried to get cute with inserting trying to make dion lewis a thing. Titans have a ton of talent, MM, Corey Davis, AJ Brown, Delanie and Jonnu, and Humphries. They'll find a way to move the ball into the redzone and their Defense will keep them in games.
  9. got him in the end of fifth round of a 12team ppr draft. lets go. is his ADP seriously slipping?
  10. too much optimism and wishfull thinking, people are reaching. Baltimore didnt pay ingram to not play him, and evan silva has said lamar jackson doesnt check or dump down, thus ingram and hill wont be catching much at all, and in PPR leagues, that hurts.
  11. i have a auction draft coming up soon, my first one, does anyone have any recent results of an auction draft so i can see what the player values typically are going for?
  12. how do you guys feel if Jimmy G was your only QB starting in a 12 teamer? Big season incoming especially with Shanahan? I missed out on all the QB runs and ended with him
  13. KJ got scooped up early mid third. Which I don't know why, he proved he can't play a full season with a full workload when he suffered a knee injury and knocked him out ROS after week 10. And Lions came out saying they will not overwork him in 2019. But anyway, I went Conner over Mixon because; - better offensive system and team/organization. - top 3 o line - top SOS versus run defenses - clear cuff with Samuels. Who's the cuff in Cincy? But from stand alone talent, I do like Mixon a lot. It isn't a easy decision and it could easily haunt me. Mixon would b
  14. oh yeah i knew i was missing someone. KJ was taken mid third! Drake and Ingram were available but no way they are worth a third and fourth pick at the turn, at least in my view. Maybe I am wrong though. I like ingram, but not that early. Freeman is sometimes available too depending on your leaguemates, but I am not a fan of him. David Montgomery was available, but, too early to take him. This is why I locked up my 2 RBs early and hammered at WR and grab a TE rest of the way. With some RBs in between.
  15. Regarding the above, I took Conner with the last pick of a 12 teamer PPR, passing on M. Thomas and Juju. I wouldve taken Adams but he got taken a pick or two ahead. Julio was gone. So I went Conner + Cook 1/2 turn. Passed on Mixon. I wanted to go with MT, but I had a feeling no RB would've reached back to me and yup, they all got taken...Mack, Jones, Henry, Fournette, Freeman, ALL gone. I would've had to reach for Drake at the 3/4 turn and pass up on Cooks and Godwin. I took both of them as my WRs. Locked it up with Samuels in the much later rounds. Conner is a stud. Beautiful sch
  16. Dynasty podcasts have slammed darwin thompson and people who are drafting him. it's laughable. And Hyde was the best case signing, Damien needs a good aka decent back behind him to provide insurance, which hyde is.
  17. thanks all. I am happy i was able to nab those WRs. If i want to tinker my lineup, I could trade Damien for Hilton, or Kamara for Hopkins..
  18. Not sure what to think of Hilton. He doesnt score TDs, and has to contend with funchess, ebron/doyle in RZ for targets. Colts are much improved team, especially on D and found themselves finally a run game and hines for catching short passes out of the backfield. So I don't anticipate them to be in big shootouts or down big playing catch up. Are we taking Hilton over a RB like Damien Williams? He's going around other Wrs such as Allen, Thielen, and Te's Ertz, Kittle.
  19. Must start 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 flex, 1 TE, K, DEF I think I screwed up by avoiding WR.... QB: Lamar Jackson Bench: Jimmy Garoppolo WR: Godwin, Kirk, Fuller Bench: Westbrook, Samuel, TreQuan Smith RB: Kamara, Connor, Damien Williams, Bench: David Montgomery, Malcolm Brown, Jaylen Samuels (Cuff), Brieda TE: Hunter Henry Bench: Herndon K: none DEF: Pats We have to start atleast 3 WR, and I think my draft went off the rails when Conner was somehow dropped all the way to the late 2nd, and then Damien was still on the board early/mid 3rd. I had to take th
  20. You ok? check yourself for a fever and please go back to reddit.
  21. What is MINN's outlook all season? I have them, but I also picked up NE D. I know it's a newbie move to hold two DEF. Is Minny droppable? They have Saints this week and then DET, and then a bye. Or should I just hold both? They pair up pretty good together it seems. NE has Green bay next week, and Minn has Detroit. NE has bye week 11, while Minn plays the bears. And tribusky can very well turn it over.
  22. As a single guy , I often wonder how fantasy would impact me if I was married. Anyone here married with kids? I've heard stories of married men, being so wrapped up in fantasy with their money leagues, that one guy said he "would be grumpy and distant from his wife and kids, yell violently at them and be agitated around them" ... and when he won the week he would "be twirling and dancing with the kids in my living room" ^ Could any of you guys imagine being this polar opposite? I could totally picture it if i was married with kids. Thankfully i am not
  23. why do we put ourselves through this every year? Dumping $ into money leagues.. smh Lost fournette, devonta freeman, awesome...
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