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  1. How can some be so high on Zeke when Dallas and their passing game looks to be one of the worst in the league? How can we count on Elliot getting a bunch of red zone chances? Dez and Witten are gone, their passing game has zero identity. ..
  2. where is that post regarding flex dominance? I cant seem to fnd it : /
  3. Sportsinjury predictor says 61%/medium risk of getting hurt this year. I remember the first game last year, everyone was panicking when gronk made an AMAZING grab in the endzone, ..but he got off the ground very worrisome, did a 30% weak gronk spike (I think he hurt his chest on that amazing leaping grab).. and in general Gronk was looking very rigid while running his routes. Everyone was worried his age and injury problems caught up to him..but he still had a great season. Do they catch up to him this season? Also.. looking at the below games played, is his injury history ove
  4. 12+ td's and over 1k yards for gronk? or lynch? I'm assuming gronk.. does his injury history scare you by the way? genuinely asking
  5. I was thinking of joining a high stakes league this weekend, $800. But I'm a bit concerned about injury risk.. Are there any folks here who love early drafting? There could be value to be had.. people might be scared of beckham and julio's hold out and they'd slip to mid 2nd round (10 team). And a whole bunch of other guys who are going right now in 6-7th rounds who by this time next month are going to go in 3-5th rounds. What are your guys' thoughts about drafting this early?
  6. Other WRs like Julio and MT were well between 50-60 Hill, Allen, Gordon went for 38, 47, 32, respectfully
  7. Here is my team: QB D. Brees NO - QB $4 6 WR A. Green Cin - WR $43 9 WR L. Fitzgerald Ari - WR $19 9 RB L. Fournette Jax - RB $51 9 RB J. Mixon Cin - RB $20 9 TE J. Graham GB - TE $3 7 W/R/T D. Thomas Den - WR $15 10 K
  8. What has psychologically changed in the mind of Alex that he was so good early in the season and now above in those gifs is missing such easy WIDE open reads? What is going through his head? Those plays were horrifying to watch him not even look at the open guy ...
  9. Julio jones, never drafting again. F***** the falcons. It's true what they say, he is so hopped up on PEDs that his muscles/body are so vulnerable to injuries .
  10. DM is the biggest stat padder and selfish arrogant SOB I've seen, doesnt care if he's helping the the team win or loss, just wants to be out there to get his numbers.
  11. I dont understand the woodhead hype.. he isn't supplanting collins.... and this is danny woodhead... he injures himself getting the newspaper.... someone pls convince me. I need a RB like him if he is going to get RZ touches
  12. I forgot to place a claim for McCown, he was my first choice, now I am f****.. and this is a simple 10 team league: Best options:? Dalton Eli Fitz Bortles?
  13. Yeah, no confidence in drew stanton, my league is non-ppr btw. I think someone pulled the stats of larry's game log with Drew. Wasn't pretty. That offense is going to sink with Stanton. Not this week vs SF though
  14. I dropped when Palmer went on IR. Needed the space in a 10 teamer... might regret it this week though.. SF is horrible.
  15. that's really tough man.. cant believe doctson is available though.. i'd pick him up.
  16. Do I truck along with Alfred and Coleman in my RB2 slot?
  17. Julio jones and Corey Davis? I find myself in a predicament. I have three TE's on roster: Ertz, Graham, Hunter Henry and my WR's suck (Lost o'dell and dropped fitzgerald for juju last week) Qb: Russel WR: Shepard, Watkins, John Brown Bench: Benjamin, Juju RB: Freeman, Ingram, bench: Tevin Coleman, Alfred Morris TE: Ertz, Bench: Graham, Hunter Do I give up ingram and ertz for Julio and Corey Davis?
  18. f********** dammit did yahoo rule him out as in out I can put him in IR? I left him on normal bench...it wont let me move him now.
  19. ha, sorry, I thought I was in the David Johnson thread, stupid me lol .. Yes for who? DJ ? Or Larry?
  20. So... can DJ be safely dropped? I need a WR for this weekend and have no one else to drop, besides his teammate, Larry
  21. is Larry droppable in 10 team leagues? for someone more upside like Snead? Carson Palmer's timeline is all over the place...4 weeks...6 weeks..8 weeks.. what to do?
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