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  1. there's a lot of delusional people in this thread, and sadly, i am one of them. I picked up tymo off waivers burning a #2 claim before sundays game thinking this might be a 50/50 backfield, or he'll win his job back.. clearly this is Jones' backfield after last game. I cant drop him yet, but he might be a drop. Smh. I don't see much success for either AJ or TyMo going forward, AJ caught the saints D off guard on the road. This offense won't get them inside the 5 for those goalline TDs.
  2. before we go dropping this bum, any chance he gets traded to a WR decimated team?
  3. Forced to start him, or drop lynch and pick up tyrod. Unbelievable. I'll roll him out, he has the weapons, brutal brutal matchup on the road though.
  4. Curious also. How do you rank these guys ROS? Jordan Matthews, Mike Williams, Dede, and Watkins? Are they all in the same tier?
  5. dropped in a 10 teamer... is he worth picking up and burning a high claim? time share/bad QB... sigh.
  6. OAK hasnt been getting inside the 5 and on the 1 yard line like they were last year, otherwise lynch would be racking up TDs. Sigh
  7. Would you guys rather have Dougie Martin or Mccoy ROS? I think basically you have to factor in Dougie might be on the better offense and his team can get him inside the 5 much more consistently? and if BUF makes it somehow inside the 5, what are the odds he gets vultured by big mike Tolbert?
  8. sell sell sell. Got away with a blatant push off on the first TD and busted coverage on the 2nd, still dropped 2-3 big passes a couple went through his hands. plus you never know when it will be a crabtree week
  9. not that absurd or unbelievable when a lot of HS kids with big aspirations do steroids and dominate. Have to get that free scholarship and go pro ASAP
  10. no , they drafted him in some cases in round 8, or round 10.
  11. this thread is filled with a bunch of redditors whining that Hunt isnt averaging 250 yards and 3 td's per week... unbelievable
  12. buy everywhere u can, big second half explosion incoming..?
  13. lost my league match by 0.5 points because this bum pryor can't get anything going. smfh. this clown is a disgrace to the WR position. if i had played kearse or decker or anyone else off waivers I would've won. But I was forced to start him in my wr3 slot due to byes and injuries.
  14. startable @ BUF? Or bench if you have better options?
  15. isn't it ironic or odd that after he scored his TD he called over medical attention and started giving CPR to the football? and moments later, he was getting medical attention on himself? smh. I lost him in a $500 league, a $100, and a $50 auction.
  16. Yahoo is taking forever to update his status to OUT
  17. I fell for the fantasypros hype and burned my #5 waiver on this guy in many leagues. He was ranked #1 or #2 as pick up of the week and tagged with "league championship upside" .. sort of regretting it now reading the comments on here about how Gore won't fade into the background and how Mack is a outside tackle runner only.
  18. Better buy low target, Pryor or Cooper?
  19. I am ALL in on this guy. Fading chargers have no choice but to start evaluting future talent like HH and let gates take a back seat. Hunter Henry, LAC, TE – Sitting at 0-4 to start the season, it’s high time the Chargers started looking to the future, moving Henry to the forefront in the TE platoon with Antonio Gates. By snap count measurements, I guess you could say the transition has already begun – after trailing in combined snap count over the first two games by a tally of 71-56, Henry has played even time with Gates the past two games (76 to 76). If the trend continues in th
  20. JMK will still get pulled out of the game inside the 20's and especially at the goal-line, they aren't paying LM millions of dollars to drink Gatorade on the sidelines. LM = Asiata 2.0
  21. Crickets in here.. Baldwin ... ugh.. has potential to drop 3 TDs any given week, I think him and Cooks are the same player...
  22. is he droppable in 10 team leagues? With Beckham now out along with BM and Shepard, I highly doubt the offense will be making any frequent Red zone / Inside the 5 trips?
  23. What to do with this guy? Sell high? Detroit D might eat him alive
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