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  1. Cause the average person don't like to think about complexities. Hence the endless ring arguments. Lebron's game doesn't jive with the average person's "gauge" of what a GOAT basketball player should be (scoring killer mentality). Bron has never tried to be all about scoring, he's always trying be the floor general/player coach, making the statistically best play he sees for the team. Agreed that it is sad that as he ages and declines the hater piranhas will jump up and down to attack him every chance they can get. I didn't like Kobe's individual-centric game or his arrogance, but
  2. What happened tonight? LA roster thin yet Mcgee only logged 13 minutes?!?
  3. I think he's confident that his Pal Kyrie would go there too (or some other big FA). What could be more legacy-building if HE's the one that brings NYK back to glory contending days?
  4. It makes sense.. if you play detective a bit, ACL time table puts him about ready. Sure it's harder on a big guy but he's also young. He was dunking awhile ago, and indicate that he's getting close, then NY panic'd and said he's not close or something like that. Clues are there. Motivates makes sense.. If you wait for official confirmation.. he's prob gone before you get to him. Plus it makes sense that we'll get some clarity from Mavs soon I'd imagine with their plans with him.. so it shouldn't be a long hold until we get better info.
  5. Yep, exactly this. I have AD in my IR slot.. and if he doesn't get moved by deadline and gets shut down. Porzingis is my only long shot for any chance of winning anything. Worth a drop of Tyreke to me.
  6. I picked up him just to see what news comes out the next week or so.. NY obviously has a strong reason to not play him and tank. Mavs don't. So if he was secretly ready and being held back by NY... who knows.
  7. Seriously though, I'm hoping it was just a fluke since Randle went bananas (which I'm not complaining about since I have him too, along with AD - Double insurance policy).
  8. Seems like he's getting Mikal's minutes last 2 games. I have both while D Rose is in IR so hopefully a clear winner arises soon.. haha.
  9. Otto-matic's incoming rise will push them towards playoff contention
  10. making 3 threes in a row is a good way to make it up fast.
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