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  1. I can agree with this. It also plays along with theory of why they chose to start him now was to evaluate him before draft where we have 2 1st round draft picks. Baker #s sure. Serviceable. We are talking fantasy relevance though....and that I dont see really happening. again....I hope im wrong. Im a fins fan and picked him up
  2. For this year. I expect more Jimmy G #s than anything else. I would be absolutely shocked if miami unleashed Tua and he puts up anything remotely looking like Burrow/Herbert. just my thoughts
  3. I need the space so will prob dump this week or next based on wire needs. Tua will be fine irl, I dont expect the Burrow/Herbert #s this yr. Cant base anything off of this last game. He didnt need to do much and if I were Flores/Gailey ..I would have called the same game plan. Off a major injury, 1st start, huge lead ....gameplan was dont get the kid killed and dont let him kill us with turnovers. Smart by fins...sucks for fantasy...but I expect more of these games than 300yds/3 TDs. Hope im absolutely wrong
  4. I mean...we all hope. But tbh, TE is a crap shoot and whats left on wire are all prayers. For me its DG or Gesicki and that looked worse for ROS prospects. Im rolling DG for the ROS, Wentz had a terrible game but I expect him to keep slinging it and the targets will be there for DG
  5. Ya. Rolling. Lost Dak and options were slim. Carr, Goff or Teddy. I like "revenge game" factor and NO matchup is decent
  6. not on the train yet. But bailing on Goff for Wentz ROS. Its Wentz, Goff, or Carr. Slim pickins after losing Dak
  7. Metrics on sites have NYG not being a pushover DEF. DAL of course is juicy. Thoughts ?
  8. I came peeking in here for this ^ - I lost Dak. Picked up Goff this am. Goff is stable, zero upside. Looking to grab Wentz next wk as schedule gets better and receivers start getting healthy. O-line will prob still suck, but Wentz's floor has to be right now. If he doesnt completely collapse vs BAL, im picking up and praying up
  9. Yup. I am a 2 DST carrying player. Wins in my league are by a narrow margin. DST can make or break a week. I have Bucs and carrying Chargers for next wk. Looking to add Chiefs next. Bigger Q : I see alot of rankings have Chiefs DST over Bucs DST this week ? Do I add chiefs for this week vs LVR ????
  10. I dont have the bench space or the FAAB for Jackson too. Cmon JK..take this damn backfield over
  11. Ya. Not sure I want any shares of WAS offense. Logan is getting barrels of targets but doin nothing. Its OJ Howard or this dude for me
  12. No Lazard. Shootout with ATL coming. Has to be better than Logan T. Will prob pick up tonight. Lost Goedert
  13. Keeping Snell for insurance. Have no choice at this point. Would become Wire priority #1 if anything happens
  14. HA. I wish it were that easy. That big fat 2.7 he put up for me and handed me a scorching hot L says otherwise. I wont be overthinking it, I will prob be sitting him a week
  15. I do not pay for the site. My guess..he is just referring to being an actual RB, Edmonds prob looked the part > Drake. Natural runner. Edmonds can ball, Drake is just more dynamic. As a fins fan, ive seen Drake in action, hes legit just not really built like a traditional RB
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