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  1. Keep the Bucs defense bro, they're good. Don't drop AB.
  2. I just made a trade in a 10 man league where I sent Josh Allen, Chris Carson, and Amari Cooper out and brought in Davante Adams. This makes my team as follows: QB: Aaron Rodgers WR1: Davante Adams WR2: DeAndre Hopkins RB1: Christian McCaffrey RB2: James Robinson TE: Travis Kelce Flex: Keenan Allen DEF: Pittsburgh Bench: RB Chase Edmonds WR Sterling Shephard Plus two waiver wire or free agent pickups. Did I give up too much in this trade? Did I make a steal? Opinions and thoughts are welcome! WHIR
  3. My team is in my signature. 10 man ppr league. I have Chris Carson and James Robinson who would be my 2nd and 3rd RB until McCaffrey comes back. Would this trade be a no brainier or should I keep Fournette and Mostert for their potential?
  4. I somehow talked this guy down to trading me Carson for Will Fuller and Joshua Kelley. I feel kind of bad, but he accepted the offer, so now I have Mostert, Fournette, and Carson
  5. Thanks guys so far, it seems like the trade is pretty even. I'm worried about Hyde and Penny coming in and supplanting Carsons production, but it seems the vast majority is looking past that and saying he's the guy over Mostert. I think I'll pull the trigger on this trade in the morning. In the mean time, I welcome any further opinions! Again, for further opinions please take any current injury of Mostert off the table because I can survive it.
  6. Should I trade Raheem Mostert 1 for 1 for Chris Carson? I'm deep enough that I can survive Mosterts injury for a week or two, so I'm not worried about it too much. If I can ship Will Fuller and Fournette for Carson instead, is that a better deal on my end? My RBs are: Christian McCaffrey, Raheem Mostert, James Robinson, and Leonard Fournette
  7. I have and would keep Bryant. He's old reliable, and the recently poor Falcons offense is bound to have some positive regression back towards a higher point output.
  8. Henry was dropped in my league. Is he worth a top overall waiver claim? I have Ty Montgomery/Aaron Jones, Doug Martin, Wendell Smallwood and Marlon Mack.
  9. Hey guys, I've made three total tradea and I'm wondering what you guys feel I got or lost in terms of value overall. I traded Fournette before week one for Lamar and Martin, and thia week moved Miller for Alex Smith and big Ben for Aaron Jones. So overall I give Ben Roethlisberger Leonard Fournette For Alex Smith Doug Martin Aaron Jones Thoughts?
  10. Goff. Carr. Kaizer Cutler Bortles Hoyer. Carr will be taken off waivers I feel.
  11. The only half decent quarterbacks on the wire are Goff and Carr and Carr will probably be taken on waivers. Do I even try my number 3 claim on him? If not, who would I stream? I feel like the upgrade from Ben to smith is more than lamar miller to a stream rb
  12. What qb should I be going after then? The good ones are all taken. Too many teams in this league with two qbs
  13. My running backs are Doug Martin, th Montgomery, Wendell Smallwood, and I have two Seahawk backs stashed. My qb is big Ben who I have zero faith in any more. I still don't know how I beat my opponent when Ben scored -12 points for me and wentz scored 35 for him. I got an offer to trade me Alex Smith for lamar miller and Kendall Wright, do I take it?
  14. I made a pre-week 1 trade, sending Leonard Fournette for Lamar Miller and Doug Martin. Ty Montgomery was my other RB. I dropped Bilal Powell last week and last night I picked up Jamaal Williams but dropped him for Andy Dalton an hour later.
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