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  1. Tbh I don't think Teddy will play this year the way Case is managing to win. I think I'd rather have Bradford back so I could start both Thielen and Diggs comfortably lol
  2. That's true. I won't say their offense is good by any means but like you mentioned their controlling of the clock is what works for them since their defense does the heavy lifting. I went to the Jags vs Rams game and it was brutal to watch because it was a battle of who could control the game longer, Fournette vs Gurley. I agree with sitting. Volume will be there but that hasn't proved to mean much of anything.
  3. Oops I'm the dip****. Didn't realize when he got cut.
  4. Find in my post where it said anything about Peterson having talent still. And I'm certain I posted this before the Ellington news, dip****.
  5. This week will be interesting. Jags run defense hasn't allow much since week 6, but they also haven't faced much talent since week 6. They seem to get worked in the RB receiver game. Jags offense is bad so they'll never escape with the game so there will be a positive game script for the geezer. Volume will be there. Ellington will probably get a fair share of targets.
  6. It makes me moist seeing Lewis starting to become relevant again in the NFL. Was one of my favorite players to watch two years ago. Looked great, I expect him to have another good performance this weekend. I also expect Rex to have a decent game as well.
  7. Well he has graced my bench long enough. About go to hang out with his buddies in free agency.
  8. People will start Murray this week, but it'll be a Henry's game. Why? Because fantasy football
  9. They need to start feeding this kid more wtf. Breaks out huge run and then gives Williams a ton of work after, in which he does absolutely nothing with it.
  10. Still weird to me that they don't throw to him more. I actually like both Dion and Rex's chances of killing it this week.
  11. All I hear when I'm in this thread is Dido's White Flag. DJ is the ship, and I will go down with him. Wait wut. Plz come back, need you thanks.
  12. Usuage is nice. Still don't get why he's not used in the passenger game more. I thought he had decent hands? I don't recall honestly. This team just sucks. Do defenses stack the box against the Bucs? Surely they can't be too terrified of Winston.
  13. Parker seems to find every possible way to score 12 points lol
  14. He looked great today. Supposedly there was a missed offensive pass interference on one of his TDs, but I am not sure how much that would have effected the play. Despite that, he was fantastic.
  15. I would say so. Thielen and Keenum clearly have a great connection going. Bridgewater would throw off the entire balance of things, no disrespect to him. I hope they stick with what is working relatively well (Keenum) and then maybe consider making a change this coming offseason.
  16. I apologize for calling you triggered. The game itself was just dookie. Hate getting to watch Bortles weekly.
  17. I was just teasing you. Don't act so triggered by multiquoting me.
  18. I don't think he had a carry after the first half. Chargers stuffed the box when he was in, but still, the Jags were never out of the game the entire game. They think they're going to win games with their passing game? Lol, no. That's how they lose games (see last year). Has to be something we don't know. Dog house? Still hurt and being weened back in slowly?
  19. Has to be. I don't think Fournette has been out in the second half at all. He hasn't done much with what he has been given versus the stacked boxes but still..... o.O
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