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  1. Prior to this game he had started twice. One (his 6th career game) he played 20 min and racked up 4 blocks but not much else and the other he played 10 min and got injured. I feel like that’s too Little a sample size to judge Clarkes starting ability or rip into the rotoworld best writers. You really want them to start speculating and say, don’t pick him up when he has the opportunity to start and get 30+ min a game cause he seems to have a 2 game history of playing like poo or getting injured?
  2. I jumped ship and traded him for dedmon with the news that capela was out for a few weeks in my points league. Grind it out so I at least have something in that slot so I can make playoffs. I figure once the playoffs come round there will be some possible gems on the wire sprouting that I can get once dedmon cools down. Could blow up in my face but I reckon theres more chance of him shutting down than making a return. No one but a fantasy scrub would trade anything actually valuable for kyrie right now.
  3. At the picks I took them, they had the most upside. But god damn...
  4. Dude is glass. Can’t believe I drafted him kyrie and bagley in my top 4 picks 😫
  5. Talks centered around okobo and carter. Either fantasy relevant if they suddenly get 30+ min?
  6. Almost everyone is outside of woj shams and Marc Stein. Always rumours and I love the wording of that tweet - ‘If’ and ‘could’. Basically what he is saying is that he has no clue and is 100% speculating.
  7. Bagley apparently said he’s fine. Not sure where him aggravating it came from.
  8. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from 2019, it’s never try and pretend to know what the Knicks are thinking.
  9. Fouled out and didn’t put up a great statistical game. Liked what I saw in him and he obviously had the coaches trust and is in their plans. Played with heart and hustle in probably the toughest match up he will ever get.
  10. Dude had been playing the min and putting up stats before this. The only issue was his percentages as he was in a slump which made him difficult to hold on too. Looks like he’s broken out of that slump for now and is beasting. He was continuously shooting a hell of a lot of shots even during this slump. Spo trusts him so we should too. Think he’s gonna ball for the majority of the season which is pretty awesome as I got him on the waiver. People on this thread need to chill.
  11. Bro you gotta develop those critical thinking skills tho....
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