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  1. Got him in dynasty on the 14th for $5 cash! Cool story but idc, everybody that lucked up and got Moses like this post!
  2. His days might be numbered with Moses Brown in town. Poku getting 30+ too.
  3. Anybody think Poku from OKC is worth a look? Horford, Moses, Roby, and Poku is a pretty crowded front court, but he’s getting 30+ minutes every night.
  4. I always hi 5 myself when cats I scooped off the wire are on here.
  5. Y’all souped me up, I’m about to drop $16 worth of FAAB on him. I just hope he plays when Jeff Green comes back.
  6. Anybody got anything on Luka Samanic? Saw him on the wire, then saw him against my Knicks, idk, could be something there. No?
  7. Traded him away in a dynasty points league with a 1st round pick for RJ Barrett & Mitch. He was cool early on when he was healthy, I wouldn’t have traded him if I wasn’t such a Knick fan, don’t stress yourselves guys. He’ll be back post ASB.
  8. I just picked him up. Anybody have anything on him? I didn’t even see the highlights.
  9. Mitch is out, I think Thibs is going to give Obi more run with Randle. And when DRose plays with Obi, he looks for him on drops offs & lobs when attacking the basket, no one else has really done so on the floor. You’ll see Obi slashing hard to the basket pointing up and getting ignored 5x a game if you watch, and I think that’s about to change. He’s been forced to spot up, and he’s gaining confidence doing so, but if he’s used the right way, he can turn up!
  10. 🏜🧘🏿‍♂️🏜 another one! It’s Obi time (Knick fan here, dead-on analysis! DRose looks for Obi!)
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