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  1. I would be very tempted to start Mahomes but he might rest in second half or so. I would start Hurts.
  2. League 1 - start Hill and Diggs if you can. Start your STUD(s) league 2 -Start Hill no matter. Can you start Gage as Flex or else? league 3 - Beasley and Higgins
  3. Full PPR — Chubb and Montgomery will be starters but I am not sure which I should start as flex. Taylor at Steelers OR Dobbins vs Gaints Taylor might carry ball more but at Steelers home might be tougher. Dobbins might share with Edwards and Jackson.
  4. Since McLaurin and Julio Jones are out of their games, that leaves me with Jefferson, Anderson and Claypool. so who should I start as 2nd WR along with Jefferson? Full PPR Anderson vs Washington Claypool vs Colts
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