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  1. Love this guy. He's just a quiet furry beast. Top 55 production for $1.
  2. welcome back fantasy nba twitter is pretty good too for player breakouts/injury news
  3. please stay healthy.... could be the value pick of the year
  4. 74% FT shooter in college is exciting Reb + Blk + FG + not a FT killer is roto gold
  5. Mister Wendall Mister Wendall Yeah Mr. Wendal has tried to warn us about our waysBut we don't hear him talkIs it his fault when we've gone too farAnd we got too far, cause on him we walkMr. Wendal, a man, a human in fleshBut not by lawI feed you dignity to stand with prideRealize that all in all you stand tall
  6. One thing to consider is that GSW's schedule is easier this year as far as b2bs. They will still rest guys but I would expect 70-74 games from KD which puts him clearly top 5 for roto. Absolute % anchor, and the added blocks last year was money.
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