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  1. I doubt punting Fg/to will ever work for someone to win a champ tbh.
  2. Im looking at the rankings mostly. Jrue is ranked #20 in 9cat. Trae is #179
  3. 15mpg/off the ball Jrue Holiday > 40mpg Trae Young
  4. yup, Dedmon stayed... Cov still without timetable to return turned out pretty well
  5. I get it dude. Tatum is the new MJ, plus they are getting 2 Zion's from those 2 picks. Ball/Ingram/Kuzma are Euroleague bench players.
  6. This is NOTHING compared to what Lakers proposed.
  7. Any news? An angry owner just dropped him in my league. Chaotic
  8. 😂😂😂 Mitchell was going late 2nd in most drafts. What are you talking about?
  9. If you have 3 weeks left in your season (i dont these leagues) why are you keeping Capela?
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