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  1. Jokic/Turner won’t certainly be available at the turn (24/25)
  2. 1st pick in roto 12-team 9 cat. Who has easiest decision/most likely available players in 2&3 round as cornerstone combo for the team with KD or Curry?
  3. Nice Gary! so how about Jokic’s extension? Same draft class. Pay the dude!
  4. In Yahoo leagues he is only SG eligible. How to correct this? He certainly can pass
  5. He’s worth it, out of position stats - blocks. Will lead SG/SF’s
  6. It seem that ogi Ferrell will start. Nerlens probably will have starters minutes though
  7. If last year he was healthy (just shutdown due to tanking) this is the supposedly the alternate year which I believe will be an injury year. Fingers crossed
  8. I am still looking. 25-75 via leaguesafe drafting on a Saturday
  9. Looking also for a draft this Saturday or on a Sunday morning, preferably auction $25-$75 via leaguesafe
  10. Preferably Roto, but H2H standard categories is also okay. Live Auction Draft on a Saturday.
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