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  1. Gonna be a drop for me if he misses tomorrow, think he's just clinging on in 10 teams right now with everyone (except Winslow) back.
  2. Dropped him in a 10 weeks ago, probably would drop in a 12, lol that people thought he'd hold value even when everyone is healthy.
  3. Was surprised to see he's only ranked 40th on BBM for the season thus far, feels like he's been going off every game. Probably need him to start getting to the line more often, or getting more steals, to take another step up.
  4. Not unless Trae learns how to defend or Reddish becomes a net positive starter. Either of those things could happen though.
  5. lol people seriously acting like D'Lo isn't a top 10 PG in a league which values shooting and floor spacing above all else, and on top of that is only 23 years old.
  6. Lovely last minute DTD update, guessing i'm not the only person who didn't sub him in time while some players on my bench went off, very frustrating.
  7. lol not if Harris, Barton, Millsap, Grant and Craig are all still there.
  8. Only time I can remember coming into one of these threads and agreeing with everything said in the first post, well done. Agree with Harden, Ja, Ingram, Conley and Devonte/Bertans. You might argue that Harden was being drafted in the top 1-2 anyway so perhaps someone else has added more value over where they were being drafted, eg. Ingram or Whiteside who have been 1st rd value but would have been drafted in the back half of drafts.
  9. You're a day too late bruh, Kyrie hype train is back in full force.
  10. As far as I know this is a new injury for Kyrie, so if he ends up having surgery and says he feels great going into next season, there's probably going to be value in targeting him.
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