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  1. I can’t speak for anybody else, but the Tony Bradley/Moses Brown controversy is really very important. It has revealed the great philosophical split between the basketball-materialists and the basketball-idealists. Some forum-posters think they’re Billy Beane and can just make up their fantasy team out of numbers and projections and modelling and all kinds of arcane and preposterous speculative fiction which today is called “analytics”, without ever watching basketball. They think they need only adhere to arbitrary rules (young player + minutes = good stats for my fantasy basketball team) whic
  2. I'd still rather have Birch, even better if he's off this cursed Magic team.
  3. Khem Birch practiced today, and hopefully will play tomorrow. Before he was afflicted with a mysterious illness, Birch was starting and logging more minutes than both Carter and Bamba, and just over a week ago his coach was singing his praises: Just a heads up. I don't think it's a done deal that he'll head to the bench and toil in obscurity for the rest of the season. His coach likes him, he's a good player, and his frontcourt comrades are really nothing special. In addition to the kind words about Birch, there was another part of the above interview that I thought was interest
  4. I play in a league which allows for 1 keeper, and we have to have drafted that player as a rookie. For the last seven years Giannis has been my keeper, but I traded him away this season. I took one look at Isaiah Stewart's shoulders, and I knew what I had to do. Isaiah Stewart is now my keeper, and Giannis is missing FTs for some other stupid team. This probably isn't a very helpful remark, but I want a record of it here on the internet so that I can come back to it years from now and show everyone how clever I am.
  5. Ah yes, more Rotoworld forum-wisdome. Teams don’t actually want to play their players, because—what if they’re good?! If a player turns out to be good, that’s bad, because then you have to pay them. The best thing for an NBA basketball team is to give a dozen cheap contracts to mediocre players who will never be good—that way, opposing teams won’t offer them money! The best teams all make sure to keep their best players on the bench—that way they never have to pay them. It’s always really embarrassing when you find that you’ve signed a good player, and they’re playing well, and then you’re stu
  6. Bradly is the better player by far, and it’s astonishing that so many posters seem unwilling to recognise this obvious fact. I can only imagine that the people who still insist that Moses Brown is a good NBA player have not watched even a second of game footage and rely entirely on Rotoworld pundit guesses. Latest Rotoworld pundit blurb: “With Oklahoma City wanting to give Moses Brown as much playing time as possible…”—upon what is this based? There is no source. It’s Roto-pundit speculation. They don’t watch games, and they have consistently proven themselves utterly unable to evaluate
  7. Nice game last night. The Rotoworld blurb geniuses seem very confused about what to make of Nwaba: Feb 5: “…with per-36 minute averages of 13.7 points, 6.2 rebounds, 1.6 assists, 1.4 steals, 0.7 blocks and 0.9 triples he could be on the deep-league radar after the deadline.” Feb 8: “…with averages of just 6.1 points, 3.3 rebounds, 1.1 assists and not much else on 34% shooting as a starter this season, we wouldn’t get too excited about tonight's stat line against one of the worst defensive teams in the league.” Anyway, I like him. Plays ha
  8. Anyone tried using ESPN’s player comparison tool? What the f--- is this supposed to mean? The stats are just shaded in randomly! They don’t correspond to which player is better in each category! Just totally incoherent. There’s no way this isn’t deliberate.
  9. Part 2 Steve Alexander, November 5, 2018: "Nemanja Bjelica finally had a bad game. He hit just 2-of-8 shots for four points and four rebounds, and didn’t hit a 3-pointer for just the second time this season. The Kings were down big all night and I’m still not worried about Bjelica." Steve Alexander, November 13, 2018: "Nemanja Bjelica played 27 minutes and hit 4-of-5 shots and 3-of-3 3-pointers for 11 points, six rebounds and a steal. He’s really cooled off, but one of his threes was a late dagger and I’m just going to hang in there with him for at least two m
  10. ESPN is owned by Disney (80%) and the Hearst Corporation (20%). William Randolph Hearst was a Nazi and Walt Disney was an FBI snitch who reported directly to J. Edgar Hoover. ESPN’s frustrating and bewildering fantasy platform is no accident; it’s psychological warfare, part of fascist corporate America’s assault on honest, hardworking proletarians.
  11. Steve Alexander, October 24, 2018: “Nemanja Bjelica is starting at PF and had 10 points, two boards, three assists and a 3-pointer, and has been playing well. But as soon as they decide that Bagley needs to start, Bjelica is going to bench, so I’m not messing with him. The Kings have to start Bagley sooner than later. They just have to.” Steve Alexander, October 31, 2018: “My man Nemanja Bjelica had another killer night and should be owned everywhere.” Rotoworld “experts” are such a bunch of ******** frauds. MY MAN, MY MAN.
  12. Yeah it's a meaningless phrase that people still throw around for some reason, like after 20 years NBA teams still aren't quite certain what Tyson Chandler is capable of and need to watch the last dozen Suns games just to double check whether he's learned to play point guard yet. Anyway, Alex Len has always looked like a pretty decent player to me. The Phoenix Suns organisation, on the other hand, has demonstrated serial incompetence in recent years, and multiple players have left with bitter feelings. Sometimes the whole basketball organisation (the Sacramento Kings, for example)
  13. Jonny Flynn was actually really good at basketball, though. A hip injury ruined his career, not a lack of talent/ability.
  14. How are people still saying he has "great vision" when half this video is clips of him failing to notice wide open team mates and forcing terrible shots instead of making really, really easy passes?
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