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  1. 10 Team H2H 9Cat League Currently a lock for playoffs. Horford was just dropped and I have the #3 Waiver. Given the current situation with Ben Simmons, would you burn a #3 waiver on Horford and drop Bryant? WHIR!!
  2. Thanks for looking over mine. That's a rough one. If/When Porzingis comes back, Powell loses much of his value. Ingram/Capela/Morant is a great core and even though none are 1st round picks like Giannis, they are all performing above their ADP (Maybe not Capela, but still.) In a 14 teamer, your depth is key and as much as I like Giannis, I believe you made the right call in rejecting the offer. Personally if he offered more than Powell, someone that wasn't possible waiver wire pick up, I'd consider it. As it stands now, your better off probably making smaller trades to gain position with
  3. 10 Team - 9 Cat - H2H My Rozier for Harrell/Levert. My Current Team: Guard - J. Harden, D. Mitchell, Z. LaVine, T. Rozier, S. Dinwiddie, K. Nunn Forward - N. Noel, T. Warren, W. Barton, P. Washington Center - A. Drummond, JJJ, T. Bryant IL: J. Issac Drop would be either Nunn or Noel. Currently 1st in my league. Losing Issac has put me middling in Blocks, but my Steals are solid. AST's are already low with how many scoring guards I have. Thoughts? WHIR
  4. Blah! I don't like either, but between the 2 I am picking Otto. At least he's played this year. Nurkic is coming off a major injury and hasn't played since last season. The amount of rust on top of competing with Whiteside (who is playing well) won't help him. OPJ doesn't have it better on a badly coached Bull's team, but I trust his productivity over Nurk's right now.
  5. Thanks for responding to mine. I'm leaning more towards the PG13/Adams side. Kawhi will sit for his Load Management giving you games where PG13 is Clippers go to. Adams is putting up fantastic numbers right now, and with the current team set up I believe he can sustain it to a point. However, if your looking to bolster Assists/FT%, the other side looks juicy, soooo...
  6. I'm going to have to agree with the above. As much as I thought Sato was going to play well in Chicago, he's hasn't been able to put it together. Lou Will always looks good with Kawhi out and is still decent with him in the line up. 3 of his last 4 games have been solid, even while the Clippers have looked sub-par.
  7. 9Cat League - Who are you picking? My current roster is good, but I have several guards and I am looking to offload. (Harden/Lavine/Mitchell/Dinwiddie/Payton/Rozier/Fultz) I was thinking of off-loading either Mitchell or Lavine. Both are putting up very similar stats, and either should be able to get me a good return. Thoughts? Leave your link please..
  8. Pretty similar stats recently. Brooks provides more upside while Barnes has been pretty stable this season. Fox and Bagley returning to full form do hurt Harrison's touches no doubt. Barnes will do better for %'s, and that may hold for the season. My only issue is that Barnes does this at around roughly 35 minutes per game, while Brooks fluctuates between 30-33'ish. If your looking for %'s I'd go with Barnes. If your looking for Upside and Stocks I'd go Brooks.
  9. In a 10 team you can probably let Payton sit on the wire while watching him. There is a 3 man time share at PG in New York. Until Payton starts getting the bulk of the minutes, I'll trust Huerter's production over Paytons chance at production.
  10. 10 Team - H2H - 9Cat - Team in Sig He's been trying to offload Morris on me for a while. Rozier's upside seems to have been cuffed by Grahms play, while SGA is getting a ridiculous amount of minutes. Leave your link!
  11. Rough in a 16 man league. I'm keeping E. Payton and Gary Harris for sure. Payton should eventually be starting and you aren't going to find a player on the wire playing 32+ minutes a night like Harris. I'm also holding onto Duncan due to his play right now. I honestly don't know if you drop anyone for who you mentioned. Maybe use the Powell spot to stream, but other than that I don't think anyone mentioned is a clear upgrade over who you would drop.
  12. Pairing Lebron with Simmons is nice. Warren will eventually fizzle out when Oladipo returns. Ingles is looking at continuing his good play with Conely dealing with a lingering injury. I think given your current team composition the move bodes well for you. And hearing Lebron's response to load management makes me think he's going to try and play as many games as possible this season.
  13. Give me CP3 at this point. He's going strong on a team that will probably end up in the 8th spot.
  14. Both are going to be a scary own, but I'm sticking with Hayward on this one. Chances of injury are sure annoying, but I like his production on court over Draymond this season.
  15. 10 Team - H2H - 9 Cat My Team: PG: Harden / Rozier / Fultz / Dinwiddie SG: Lavine / Barton / D. Mitchell F: Washington / JJJ / Isaac / Thybulle / Warren C - Drummond / Bryant (IL) My team is currently in first place. The 6th place team has sent a number of trades to me (12) for Harden ever since Curry went down. A few include (but are not limited too): Ingram/M. Morris - Ingram/Morris/Aldridge - Ingram/Harrell/Aldridge...you get the picture. So out of pure spite for having to click the decline button 12 times (hard work), I "mentioned" the above trade to him (did
  16. 100% money trade for you in my opinion. Your team isn't made to win Blocks, so getting rid of Gobert for Trae will solidify your 3s/PTS/AST. Hachimura can be replaced with a waiver wire add. Good trade!
  17. I like Huerter once his minutes limit is lifted, currently at a 25 minute limit. He should get it going after being out for a while. For immediate help, I'd go Ish Smith while Thomas is out. He's showing a fantasy friendly game and Thomas will probably be out for a while. As far as the drop goes, it's Olynyk for me. Wagner had a bad game, but is going to get more run than Olynyk with Bryant out for a good 6 weeks.
  18. I'm leaning towards the Murray/Gordon side. D-Lo and Murray could be considered a wash, D-Lo definitely has the situation to put up bigger numbers, but also has a good chance at resting with injuries and how bad the warriors are. To me it comes down to Gordon and Barrett. I hate Aaron Gordon from a fantasy perspective, but he's on a 2 game heater. I still don't trust him, but he's showing signs of life. RJ Barrett kills you in 3 categories, FG%/FT% and TO's. He's like Westbrook without the production.
  19. Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of the trade. Tatum loses usage when Hayward returns, Ingram loses usage when Zion returns and Lowry tends to fall off later in the season, although you can't necessarily count on that this year the way the Raptors are. As of right NOW the trade gives value for sure, I just worry about what it looks like in the second half of the season.
  20. It's Jabari Parker. As above mentioned Collins comes back this month and Parker will lose minutes. I still think he can carve out serviceable fantasy lines, but not in a 10 team league.
  21. Kanter for Wagner is a must right now. Bryant's timetable is 3-4 weeks, but with stress fractures we could be looking at a longer absence. Even when Bryant was playing Wagner was putting up good numbers. I would probably start streaming the Gary Harris spot. The guy is probably the only player on the wire getting 30+ minutes a night and 1)Can't get it together 2)Too many mouths to feed in Denver. If your in a deeper league, he's still more of a wait and see while the waiver heats up a bit more. In 10-12 team leagues I'd probably drop him and consider Temple while Kryie stays out or even M
  22. 10 Team - H2H - 9 Cat - Team in Signature My team has been playing well this early into the season. I seem to have a pretty good hold over PTS/3PTM/STL/BLK each week. Rebounds/Assists vary, with Assists definitely being my main weakness. I've been thinking of the following: Drop PJ Washington for Markelle Fultz? Drop Jabari Parker for Dario Saric? This seems redundant as both will lose playing time with Ayton/Collins returning this month. Buy Low on Jokic? I've been considering attempting a buy low/sell high moment with Jokic. I have sell high candidates in Warren/Dinwiddie
  23. Morant - Sabonis - WCJ. Don't even bother with OPJ at the moment. He's been injured and wasn't playing well prior to injury. He's been dropped in my league. Regarding the trade, it's still early in the season and John Collins is slated to return this month (December 23), so that's solid. If you can get 1 of Morant/Sabonis you pull the trigger. Markkanen is just unable to put it together, and as much as I like Nunn, I don't see his early season production sticking later into the season with Miami healthy.
  24. Fair. Joker is up to his usual slow start and his numbers are down across the board. Watching games, he still looks plenty engaged ,so I expect some sort of turn around, but he probably won't hit his Top 6 ADP. It's a matter of the owner biting the bullet and getting out of dodge early.
  25. Yes I'm pulling the trigger. Too much concern about CP3 resting down the stretch. The same could be said for Brooklyn and Kyrie. Combine that with both of these guys injury history and I'm taking Giannis 100% of the time. Giannis/Gobert/Towns sounds like title team to me. Just make a small trade for an assist specialist to slightly offset the trade if your worried about it.
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