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  1. Diggs worries me because they really aren’t passing much and I honestly don’t see Oakland keeping up. I say brown and gore
  2. I’d drop Hardman but it is a tossup who will get the TD on the chiefs
  3. Kupp and Fitz are a reliable focus on their teams. best bets this week.
  4. I’d sit Thielen, can’t trust the volume until shown otherwise
  5. You don’t need fuller and could benefit more with the Gurley handcuff if something happened
  6. I agree with dropping Landry for Chark. I’d keep Carson if you are able to, I think after this week if he is solid he will earn more of a share of that offense since Penny is banged up. Lockett and Gordon are a toss up for me. Both have big play potential and it looks to me like Lockett May get more looks but that is only from the most recent game as a sample. His first game would have been a bust if not for the TD
  7. Brown has the best mix of floor, talent and opportunity so he is my choice
  8. Terry for me, the volume is there and volume wr’s can succeed against bears defense (just look at Sanders from last week). Fuller is close second
  9. 10-man 0.5 PPR yahoo league. Need to start one of these 3. I also have McCoy if you think he is a better bet. Currently 0-2. Tyler Boyd @buffalo Emanuel Sanders @greenbay John Brown against Cindy DJ Moore @arizona
  10. McLauren will get a lot of looks against the bears as that run game will be shut down I'd imagine. Cobb is kind of a guess on how he will benefit and McLauren is showing he can be good against other teams top guys.
  11. I like Samuel more. He has been solid even with Cam sucking so you are currently seeing his floor IMO however you do also have DJ Moore who I like better so it may be risky having both Carolina receivers. Fuller has shown the ability but injury is always a risk with him.
  12. I'd go Godwin, Brown, Sanders and Shady (if cleared as injury is still kind of up in the air) or Hyde as he has a solid floor but likely minimal upside.
  13. I’d definitely do this. I would keep Carson though, he seems to still have the coaches trust despite the fumbles and I think has a higher ceiling.
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