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  1. I'm going to change my opinion, look at his roster, I wouldnt want to downgrade my RB1 from Henry to DJ in order to have a couple weeks where you get to play Hill instead of Golladay. His drop off after DJ isn't great and RB is a much more volatile position. If he offered it to you, I'd take it. Edelman is a throw in, but a WR1+RB4 for a RB1 is a win in my books.
  2. You're a little thin at RB at the moment and one more injury away from needing some serious help. I wouldnt be unloading anything there. Chark/Brown are similar.. maybe you can convince him for a straight swap? If not, I hold pat.
  3. If I'm the original owner im not giving up Henry for Hill unless he's really short on WR, so I think your original offer is a bit better balancing with Moss for Edelman.
  4. Swift or Ingram? I feel like Ingram isn't going to be getting more time than he is in that committee....
  5. I am picking up McKinnon to play with CEH and Drake with the #1 waiver. WR are Moore, McLaurin and Marquise Brown. Who do I drop from the following list: Mark Ingram Davonta Freeman James Robinson D'Andre Swift Michael Gallup Russel Gage And eventually I want to pick up Chase Edmonds as a handcuff.. Would you drop another one of those guys for him?
  6. I feel like Hunt has more upside game to game, but also has a lower floor. Chubb might be more consistent with a lower cieling. Depends on what you need. With Saquon and Jacobs, I'd probably hold onto the other 2 since they would definitely become #1s if something happens to Chubb or Connor.
  7. Swift just hit the waiver wire this morning. Do I burn #1 priority to pick him up, or just hope he's available at midnight, or just ignore him? 1/2 PPR RBs: Drake, CEH, Ingram, Snell Jr. WRs: DJ, DJ, Fuller, McLaurin, Gallup, Marquise, Parris Campbell TE: Kittle, Jonnu
  8. Patriots will be looking to get it going again and Edelman was banged up. I'd go Dorsett.
  9. I think I'm playing OJ Howard over Andrews this week. My only other change at TE all season was his bye, but the "giving it a go" doesn't give me much confidence tonight in a matchup where they are likely to be up big. So I'd vote Higbee
  10. AP has the higher floor. Laird probably has a better matchup and higher upside. Depends on your team needs. If you need a homerun, go Laird. If you just need to not get a dud, I'd go AP.
  11. 12 man, .5PPR. I was carried to the playoffs by Lamar and McCaffrey. The rest of my draft was a bust so I've got a rotating cast of wire adds and I'm trying to field a somewhat safe lineup with moderate upside, versus a volatile lineup with boom or bust potential. I'm favored 10-15 points depending on lineup choices. Who would you flex? Any other changes? QB: Lamar Jackson RB1: Christian McCaffrey RB2: Raheem Mostert WR1: Darius Slayton WR2: Devante Parker Flex: Michael Gallup, Sony Michel, Sterling Shepard, Patrick Laird TE: O.J. Howard, Mark Andrews K: YKoo DEF: Ravens or Steelers
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