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  1. I feel like its every f***in year I end up like this because I stream QBs. Eli got this juicy matchup and again AGAIN im thinking about it. Damn, I am in the same place you are, and I am thinking about it
  2. I dont know about the weather conditions in the Pitt game, but NE seems like a bad game for Hou. Go with Washington
  3. DEN is a tougher matchup. I dont think you bench Jacobs http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/789874-two-starting-suggestions-whir
  4. Just clarifying, I had both Samuels listed in my original post
  5. Williams and Diggs, dont overthink http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/789874-two-starting-suggestions-whir/
  6. Crowder unless you want a safe floor. Coleman will be running in weather conditions
  7. ARod, he is coming off tough matchups
  8. KAllen is trash. Check weather conditions at gametime. I really like starting Winston but the weather scares me. Depending on weather, I think you go 50/50, lean tannehill if you want to be safe
  9. I like what the post above said regarding Baltimore being strong and weather being bad. We could see 49ers collapse, but then again they are a strong team. Check weather conditions at gametime, but I would start Philly I would for sure start Allen though
  10. I would give Williams the play. I dont trust Carson and Sanders can have games where he does nothing
  11. Definitely both charger players get the start Regarding QB, logic is good. Ryan battling injury and two tough matchups ROS. Kyler will definitely be your stud to start so I like Tannehill as a backup.
  12. I think you are overthinking this, start Mixon
  13. Id go McCoy this week, weather conditions weird in Baltimore.
  14. TY Hilton is ruled out, but I still like the upside for Waller. I would roll Waller out. Williams, theres a chance mccoy drops a low floor. Not considering Hunt because he needs a TD to salvage. I think Theilen is injury concern
  15. Must win territory, lets go. #1 - QB Watson vs. NE Foles vs. TB I think I am overthinking this, but want your thoughts. #2 - WR Deeeebo Samuel @ BAL Curtis Samuel vs. WSH Next are available on waiver wire, yes I am very desperate Hurns vs. PHI Thomas @ CIN Tate vs. NYJ Harry @ HOU Agholor @ MIA
  16. I know bro, ARob owner. I just barely won my matchup last week cause Arob underperformed. But he under performed vs LAR. This matchup too juicy for a guy with his skillset
  17. I feel like i am am Arob homer for taking this stance, but you got the matchup win here for ARob vs NYG>Gallup vs NE. You have a lot of different weapons to feed vs a stout NE defense. I like ARob vs a trash NYG team. BB will want to slow the game down vs Dallas
  18. I cant trust Guice right now. I doubt he is going to be starter breakout territory. Singletary is a serviceable backup if a freak injury happens to a starter
  19. Theres a good chance of Hilton reinjuring his calf, keep Kupp. His injury happened on a non contact play. I am worried for Hilton
  20. I dont like this trade at all, you got some beast mode WRs already, Carson and Allen are servicable at QB. They will do enough for you. But CMC is a once in a lifetime RB. Dont trade thisbro
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