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  1. 28 minutes ago, beerfish said:

    Am I the only one risking championship hopes on Eli's swan song?

    I feel like its every f***in year I end up like this because I stream QBs. Eli got this juicy matchup and again AGAIN im thinking about it. Damn, I am in the same place you are, and I am thinking about it

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  2. 1 minute ago, p0k said:


    I'm leaning toward ARob as well with the good matchup. Just tough to sit Gallup when he's been producing so much. thanks!


    I know bro, ARob owner. I just barely won my matchup last week cause Arob underperformed. But he under performed vs LAR. This matchup too juicy for a guy with his skillset

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  3. Just now, JacobThunder15 said:

    You talking this week or ROS here? I like Carr vs NYJ the most here because of how the Jets have played against the run the past 2 weeks (number 1 just above TB in the category) Brisset could be good but with Mack out, and Hilton could be held that offense could be stagnant so youre taking a risk there. Carr over either of the other 2 imo. 


    This week, we are in must win territory

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