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  1. Im gonna be conflicting and say start Brown. Denver is a 3-7 team with a garbage offense, expect them off the field vs a good bills defense often. I think JB will get shadowed but find openings in second half of game when Denver D is on the field for most of game http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/788707-wdis-late-season-qb-dumpster-fire-whir/
  2. Roll with Wentz too, Foles looks slightly out of it Start your stud
  3. Normal PPR League scoring Brisset @ Hou Carr @ NYJ Allen vs Buff WHIR boys
  4. Ertz is a trap, Kittle is super solid. MT is top tier WR, Sutton is ~25. Whats your record? Do you really need this trade so badly right now? I dont think it helps you win next week regardless
  5. That sounds like overcompensation tbh, you had unlucky streak with Barkley and NYJ facing NE last weekend
  6. Sorry this one hurting my brain 1. Hold or package with one of your WRs for Edelman 2. Hold this one, your TE and WR are solid. Possibly trade for brady and swap QBs
  7. You are ahead in the league, I'd take the risk on Tannehill as I like TEN as a team in general. Brady vs Cleveland will eat, I'd keep him in.
  8. Hi, jammed up this week on who to start. Pick two with justification and WHIR Dede Westbrook vs. NYJ Diontae Johnson vs. MIA Curtis Samuel @SF Auden Tate @LAR Preston Williams @PIT
  9. Won my 1st league off Butker's late field goal Losing 116-129 in my 2nd, I have Chubb and he has Gould. Get this 2-0 for me Cleveland
  10. Late to the party, but its too much for me. Like someone said above though, if you dont need the other two players and just want Engram then take it
  11. awkward situation, facing the barkley owner this week. he also has AB. I want to stomp him out before giving him any trades. I got offered John Brown for Miles Sanders
  12. Personally, I hate drafting Evans because he is so hot/cold based on how his team is doing. Thats a lot of value you'd secure at WR. If your league actually trades, I would then try to trade for a RB. With getting two more WRs, you also have the option to run them based on matchup
  13. Whats your RB situation like? Theres a lot of cuffs out there I could see you winning in case someone gets injured. No more than $10 IMO, Jeffrey wont be your league winner and you already have depth here
  14. I dont like the Carson/Diggs trade, specifically dont like Diggs. I dont like Watkins cause hes boom but hes performing in KC. I cant believe im saying this but with how Gurley is being played on a limited schedule, I almost think this trade is good. However, I check the usage for Carson and he is ~same as Gurley. Carson's got fumblitis. I think you keep Gurley
  15. Win now, this trade would lock up your team for a winning year with your strength at RB. Weird league rules tho. This guy is betting on Prosise being the starter going forward in SEA because of Carson's issues. Im not convinced. Lockett is a strong enough player in targets to win you the ship this year. Figure out your dynasty later in the season
  16. Fire it up, you are good on RB starters. This would be a smart future depth play
  17. Personally, I like Ross vs Pitt. Im firing him up this week. Justin Jackson @ MIA sounds too good to pass up. Id take the risk over the floor of Gore. Also, NE scares me. They'll go up early and not sure how effective Gore is in the passing game. Fun fact, JJ had two weeks in a row that a TD was called back
  18. If you are in first place, I would fire it up. Mixon will get you steady work through the rest of the season. If you are in last, you need the wins now. Keep Ekeler. Can you link rest of team and record?
  19. Alright, as the title says, I need a WR in my life, and I got a stash of RB for depth. For background, I am trading with the guy in last place. See below for team, will definitely help in return. Just need some thoughts before I fire away 14 Team, PPR, Only 3 Bench Players QB D Jones WR J Ross III, W Fuller RB C McCaffrey, L Fournette TE Z Ertz Flex P Lindsay Bench W Gallman, M Sanders, C Ridley IR A Green K H Butker D NE
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