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  1. Altho I've consumed far less Taco Bell during my few years of sobriety now, I still think you're being a bit harsh to the Bell here.
  2. Upon further inspection, pretty sure that's actually DHC too.
  3. He said top 24. Thats a 12 team reference.
  4. I just like how clearly the guy is talking about a 12 team league but you changed it to 10 to prove him "wrong" lol.
  5. Middle of the fourth in a 10 team is third round in a 12 team. Way to throw that in there to fit your narrative. Also judging by his "top 24 guy" quote I imagine he is talking 12, not 10.
  6. Uh, that's basically what he said. Juat a lot less words and insults.
  7. The point was not whether Henry was one dimensional or not.
  8. I responded to the fact that he wasn't productive because they were trailing. Which isn't the case based off his opportunity.
  9. It's not the case. He had 23 carries. He was the key cog all the way to the last drive. He wasn't useless in this game because they were down because he got around the same amount of carries that he would if they were ahead too. This discussion is not about how he would be more useful if he caught more passes.
  10. Which doesn't happen at any point really. Leading or trailing. His workload was enough for a big game, them being down had little to do with it. He still got fed. He was still their centerpiece all game.
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