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  1. 12 team H2H 9 cat + OREB Rank: Rose, Saric, Zubac, Holiday, Kleber, Powell Leave a link WHIR
  2. Might stream him given he plays on Sunday and has a 4 game week coming up.
  3. Only thing that has trended down is his FG% and points, but shots, stocks, and other stats have largely stayed the same in Jan - would chalk it up to a shooting slump for the time being. Not overly worried.
  4. Picked him up and haven't looked back. Only downside is really FG% (and sometimes can throw up a clunker) but it makes sense since most of his shots are 3s. Underrated due to low scoring totals I think.
  5. Questionable is different from out unless I missed an update
  6. More of a wait and see situation - can see either him or Green benefiting from SloMo's injury but too early to tell. Holiday would need to break out of his shooting slump to be a pickup though.
  7. FWIW I picked him up when SloMo went down for me as Holiday just hasn't produced recently and Green would be the other logical beneficiary.
  8. Think he has to be picked up in 20 team leagues unless he's ruled out through February. For reference, he was dropped in my 12-team league and cleared waivers, but was picked up within the day after that.
  9. Very hesitant to make the drop until I hear concrete news that Dwight is returning and that he has no restrictions. Bryant has just been too good even with the one-game week (top 40 over the last month in my league).
  10. Assuming he plays in every game remaining (unlikely) he needs to average 1.8-1.9 steals to hit 1.5 steals for the season. Unfortunate but seems like he's more of a 1.0-1.5 stl guy this year.
  11. Picked him up for the back to back - think he has an opportunity here with both LBJ and Rondo out.
  12. Assuming he misses the upcoming back to back but this is great news.
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