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  1. I can’t with this guy. What an offensive genius. His court awareness is Bird-like. Causally dished out 18 assists in 33 minutes. I don’t think he attempted a shot in the second half. He didn’t even look like he was trying
  2. He’s a great player. A must start when healthy.
  3. Lol this guy runs over 22mph and some have the audacity to label him a plodder. Yeah, he’s not going to look lightning fast at 6”3 and 250 lbs but I don’t think people realize how much ground he covers in 2-3 steps.
  4. He’s been very good in standard, solid in .5ppr and a little underwhelming in PPR. The most frustrating part is how often he’s been vultured within the 5 yard line this season. Could’ve easily had 5+ more TDs. I really thought he could get 20+ TDs this year.
  5. If he runs 100+ yards past this Steelers defense, then we might be seeing an all time great rushing season here (2k+ rushing yards).
  6. Anyone worried about this week since both JuJu and Diontae are likely going to play? You still have Ebron and Washington there, so I’m worried there are just to many mouths to feed any give week. Obviously, the upside is hard to pass up.
  7. This is my third straight year having this guy on my team and I don’t buy into the comments saying he’s looking slower and less agile. This is his game. He will plod for 2-3 yards a carry and break a long one for over 50. The long TDs will come, be patient. I’m not concerned about him at all, but I am a little annoyed because there have been many drives this season where the Titans got inside the 5 yard line and threw for a TD. Great if you’re a titans fan, not so much when you’re a Henry fantasy owner. I thought this could be the year a player gets close to breaking Ladanian’s TD record and c
  8. This guy is easily the best center in the league.
  9. [...] I'm happy to see him to well. I have no issues drafting this guy in the first round next year in standard.
  10. Get ready for some insane garbage-time production a la Josh Gordon 2013 and Allen Robinson 2015! Parker is going to be a on many championship teams.
  11. He look's like a beast after the catch. SF's running game looks done, so I expect Jimmy G to throw a lot rest of the way. Buckle up.
  12. L. Murray and J. Williams come first to mind, although they still have stand-alone value and are decent flex plays.
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