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  1. Yeah that probably makes sense to make a situation like this not possible. I just noticed it and haven't encountered a situation where I was trying to add someone who was without a team during a waiver period, so you're probably right. Since I'm up already I guess i'll wait and see.
  2. Ahh gotcha, and yeah thats rough, would have been a nice stash in 16 teamer. I personally agree with some of the people saying he might be fools gold at this point, but i'm sort of in the same boat, lost CMC and Marlon Mack in a 12 team fairly deep league, so want to try and snag and stash for a week or two as I don't have that high of a waiver priority due to having the 1st overall draft pick in the draft lol. Never stayed up for rosters to unlock so I literally have no idea what time they do. Hoping its 3 EST lol
  3. He's listed as an FA without a team on the ESPN platform so he's able to be added, just dont have anyone to drop / move as everyone on my roster is locked. This might vary from league to league depending on the settings, not sure. Would have dropped someone from the Monday night games if I had anyone random on my bench. I believe Yahoo still has him listed as ATL so he is locked on that platform depending on what you're using.
  4. Trying to snag him in my league as he's a FA and can be picked up right now. Anyone know what time player unlocks occur by chance? I'm on the east coast, I'm assuming it's 3:00AM EST your lineups unlock to be able to move players? Planning on moving CMC to my IR and picking him up before people realize tomorrow morning lol.
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