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  1. I lean Dobbins over Washington. But really could go either way. Thanks for help with mine.
  2. Davis. JuJu hasn't really lit it up like I had hoped. Too many other throwing options around JuJu.
  3. Wow, tough. Gotta say bench Montgomery? Michael Thomas (who will go against Slay in Philly who hasn't played his best recently) has been good with Hill in at QB and Diggs is reliable with Allen.
  4. Definitely McKissic. Leaning Gordon over Dobbins but close. Thanks for helping with mine.
  5. I gotta go Jones. Can't trust Elliott in that offense right now.
  6. Gotta go with Sanders. Keep hoping one of these days Pederson will actually run the ball consistently. Not a good matchup but seems more reliable than Washington at the moment.Think MIA will have to pass more to keep up.
  7. Lockett and Thomas. McLaurin would be closely followed but too many other options in TB with Godwin
  8. I have CEH but he will be on my bench. He's due for a game but can't trust him or the coach at the moment after last week. Somewhat concerned coach said he lost some weight from being sick. Davis not reliable but going against DEN so could be a running game if his team gets a good lead. I guess I give the slight edge to Davis. Thanks for help with mine.
  9. Gallman, Davis, Kmet (seems to be on a hot streak right now)
  10. Ebron and Duke for the targets. Herbert has lots of options so not seeing Henry with as much targets.
  11. QB: Allen against Pitt D (love him for the run ability too - but tough match up) Herbert against ATL D so great match up but last week wasn't good for him TE: Ertz against Saints D and Hurts starting at QB Jonnu against Jax D Leave link for help in return.
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