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  1. Maybe there is language in the contract that if someone is offered a promotion of some kind, for example an OC is offered a head coaching position, that person is able to walk away from it.
  2. Just for the sake of accuracy. Allen's pass attempts were 46 (week 1), 27 (week 6), 38 (week 9), and did not play in week 11. He had a season low 18 attempts in week 8, 24 in week 12, and 25 in week 17 (which doesnt really count).
  3. Bahaha that offsetting is one of the funniest calls I've ever seen. Refs just noped out.
  4. Looking like it's gonna be the old GOAT vs the new GOAT. Interesting match-up.
  5. Their run game has been non-existent this season and their pass protection has been awful in this game.
  6. A ball cannot make forward progress on a fumble, however, it can make backward progress, hence, a safety. I personally think the fumble touchback rule is far too punitive, and it should be treated as a forward progress fumble (ball at spot of fumble) if the defense does not recover it in the EZ.
  7. But with Mixon, the hope was an upgrade at QB would improve his production and consistency. Robinson's production has already been consistently good.
  8. Montgomery and Jones missed games too, so youd have to extrapolate their numbers as well to make this valid. Might want to with Taylor also since a good portion of the season was not representative of his end of year production.
  9. I was in a league last year where the team that scored the most points in the regular season did not make the playoffs. The team got incredibly unlucky every week where their opponent scored their high game of the season. Once eliminated, the team locks. Even if a league does not lock eliminated teams, I feel eliminated teams should not be making drop/add moves. Most points scored prize should be a regular season award.
  10. Most points scored, #1 seed. Went 3-3 to start the season, then ran the table. Looked pretty bad for me in the chip going into Monday Night Football. Needed 37 from Allen in Foxboro. We all know what happened. Legend.
  11. 12 Team PPR 2 Flex IDP League: QB - Josh Allen (MVP) RB - Derrick Henry RB - David Montgomery WR - Calvin Ridley WR - Allen Robinson TE - TJ Hockenson FLEX - Miles Sanders FLEX - DK Metcalf IDP - Bobby Wagner IDP - Roquan Smith Honorable Bench Mentions: (Respect to those that helped get me here) James Robinson Robby Anderson Justin Herbert Tyler Boyd Jonnu Smith
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