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  1. MB was playing in a prolific offense with a HOFer in Big Ben as his QB, whereas Britt had Kerry Collins and Vince Young. Therefore, it's not exactly fair to compare them via their stats. But Britt flashed on the field in a comparable way to MB and perhaps more so.
  2. Britt was arguably better in years 1 and 2 than MB, while Hunter flashed in spurts. Regardless, my point was not to say that MB = Britt (or anyone else), but that there's more to being a good WR than being big, running fast, and jumping high. If MB doesn't mature, he will never become polished enough to realize his potential and will continue to lose snaps/ targets to players like JuJu. Moreover, he may end up out of the league.
  3. History is replete with physically gifted WRs that, for various reasons, just never put it together. In fact, a trio of ex-Titans comes to mind (i.e., Kenny Britt, Justin Hunter, and DGB). So while it wouldn't surprise me if MB becomes an alpha, goes to multiple Pro Bowls, etc., I also wouldn't be shocked if he's out of the league in 2-3 years.
  4. Here's one that should've been a 75 yard TD. https://twitter.com/RaidersAnalysis/status/917463562007613440
  5. Below is for those who say that Cooper can't run routes/ gain separation.
  6. Agreed. There's lots of sexy RB stashes right now and it's difficult to rank them. IMO, it's best to just go with your gut and take as many bites of the apple as you can. IMO, more than a couple of those guys will hit, and therefore I'm not gonna beat myself up if I'm wrong on, say, Mack or Breida.
  7. IMO, he's easily one of the top bench stashes in the game. His talent really jumps off the screen, even in relation to a bunch of his peers in this stacked rookie RB class.
  8. Williams carries a lot of risk, no doubt. But for bench stashes, we don't care about expected value as much as we do about the right tail of the distribution.
  9. It just depends on your scoring format and roster depth. I like Gallman's prospects in PPR, since Eli is going to be checking down a bunch. But I just don't see any significant TD or yardage upside in this running game, and hence I put him firmly behind the likes of Breida, McGuire, Mack, AP, and some of the other hot WW adds for standard leaguers. Similarly, I prefer some of the pure handcuffs/ lotto tickets (Ivory, Foreman, etc.).
  10. IMO, the fantasy community is sleeping on Williams as a second half breakout candidate. With his size and incredible ball skills, he's going to be a tremendous weapon in the red zone. Moreover, Mike > Tyrell and betting on KA to remain healthy for a full season seems foolhardy. Thus there's some sleepy high target upside here.
  11. Is it possible that he's hurt and they are just using him as a decoy? It would explain why he's not being featured, as well as why he would appear to be listless out there.
  12. They've either completely lost confidence in him, or he's playing hurt.
  13. I haven't been able to watch him much this year, but he's been lauded for route running skills in the past. He also has an excellent 3-cone, which measures agility/ change of direction.
  14. He's just piling on a struggling player. Cooper is actually a SPARQ stud, with top measurables.
  15. He's been open a bunch, but EJ just doesn't look his way. If I had to guess, I'd say the QBs/ OC have lost confidence in him due to his early season woes.
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