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  1. This is a pretty ridiculous response tbh. It's not exactly a pain management issue when you can't take any fluids without vomiting, can't see properly and you physically have no energy because your body doesn't know what is happening or what it's trying to fix. This is a young guy who has dedicated the majority of his life towards getting this opportunity to showcase himself as a viable #1 target in the NFL, to suggest it's a "pain management issue" is incredibly small minded.
  2. Suppose that's the nature of "buy low sell high" everyone will have their different interpretation of players, I just feel that the questions around him currently are overblown, he had a bad game against a underrated D with an ascending rookie CB, while dealing with some pretty shoddy QB play. I just feel like Evans is too talented for this to become a theme and the QB situation will have to sort itself out. Fair point on cost, you won't just be able to flick some waiver scrubs off and expect his owner to bite but as PointGawd0 said it could be a good opportunity to upgrade someone like
  3. Buy: -Mike Evans, possible suspension and a couple of weeks of average scoring might make owner more willing to sell. -AJ Green, see above. -Brandin Cooks, owners seem underwhelmed so far but you have to feel that the Pat's will use him a bit more/ bye week may have helped with chemistry with Brady. -Leonard Fournette, might be wishful thinking but his owner could be willing to move him after three weeks of lost production. -Carlos Hyde, coming off a good game after a couple of slow weeks could make his owner feel like he's selling high. Solid player, three down rb wh
  4. Are we excited about his potential again or are we trying to flick him off for almost anything? I'm of two minds because surely him and Brissett will get on the same page more as the season goes on/bye week to re jig things. But on the other hand colts coaching staff doesn't seem particularly creative and that schedule is still pretty intimidating.
  5. I was wrong about him, soured on him for a number of reasons and dropped him last week but he was out there making plays and looking a very good real life WR
  6. AJG 100%, could potentially understand the logic if Doctson had a particularly juicy matchup (would still disagree with benching AJG but could understand the thought process) but Doctson is playing the x role against a Seattle defence that was just embarrassed in a shootout against Houston (a win but the point stands).
  7. Had the same question in my flex this week, went Davis and ended up dropping Doctson. I just don't think Docton turns into a trustworthy ff contributor this year due to a combination of tough schedule and limited qb play (Cousins checking down etc). For what it's worth I also feel that Davis is on another level talent wise from Doctson.
  8. Very solid team there man, props on the trade, really sets you up at rb. In terms of improvements I'd probably be looking at dropping Martavis and Doctson for potential stashes, can't see Bryant ever being consistent enough to trust this season even if the steelers do look to involve him more (beyond that I'm still not sold on Ben this season), Doctson has a pretty Brutal schedule now they're playing him as their "x" receiver (beyond that I'm just not that sold on him actually being that good, the record for WR's drafted at his age turning into decent producers isn't pretty). Stashes I li
  9. Cheers guys, consensus seems to be WR and QB could use a bump, I had Luck stashed in the hopes he'd be back to give me a bit of stability at QB but gave up hope there after his latest set back so will see what options we have there. Upgrading TY definitely has merit too, I might try get something going with him and Fuller for an upgrade in stability, I've gotten lucky riding the booms between my inconsistent WR's so far but probably shouldn't count on that going forward. Will see what options I can drum up and report back, thanks heaps for your help guys.
  10. Hi guys, I'm playing in a standard scoring 12 man yahoo league (QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, FLEX, K, DEF) Currently looking pretty solid for the play off's at 5-1(should be 6-1 after MNF all going well) looking for some advice on what you think I should do with my team. Team is currently: QB: J, Winston WR: TY, Hilton WR: S, DIGGS WR: W, FULLER RB: L, BELL RB: C, HYDE TE: GRONK FLEX: A, JONES (GB RB) K: J, ELLIOT DEF: PHILLY J, MCKINNON (MIN RB) S, SHEPPARD (NYG WR) M, BRYANT (PIT WR)
  11. Can't afford to just take the hit at TE and risk it? The position is so unreliable there are no guarantees you'll get much from whoever you pick up off the waiver anyway
  12. W.Smallwood and T.Cohen for TY Hilton. Pretty stacked at RB and wanted to free up some bench space tbh
  13. Up and down? Tough to start? Is he not the top scoring WR in standard scoring leagues? Diggs is keeping my WR core alive through injuries and poor form. Go home buddy.
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