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  1. I don't even want to complain, it's that depressing
  2. I dominated the season in a H2H league and I'm going to have a brutal loss in this championship week. It's kinda sad that a loss in the playoff erased all the efforts you paid in a 20-weeks season.
  3. I know he will miss one game of the b2b, but if he still won't play tomorrow I'll be extremely furious
  4. What a dirty move, I'm rooting for MEM to win every game from now on
  5. It's not vague at all. At least 3 games means the earliest he could return is March 26 v PHI, which is longer than 7 days. I've read somewhere that Yahoo change the INJ status according to Rotoworld injury updates, and currently they are listing Gary Harris as Day-to-Day. http://www.rotoworld.com/teams/injuries/nba/all/ I don't have an twitter account, can anyone contact the Rotoworld staffs?
  6. Thank you Gary, you have been excellent this season
  7. With no timetable and given that it's the tanking Memphis, he should be dropped in fantasy playoff. It's really a surprise that he comes back, and hopefully he can maintain the production.
  8. Check the game log yourself, it's not that hard
  9. I just checked, he and Kawhi played 6 games together this season, and he was useless.
  10. The problem is ORL has the WORST playoff schedule (3-3-3)
  11. I'm holding and that's because the next 2 weeks are meaningless to me, my semi starts at 3/19. If you are fighting for a playoff spot I won't keep him, especially with just 3 games this week.
  12. This may come back and haunt me, but why would Dallas play him? He's an expiring contract and it's extremely unlikely that he'll re-sign.
  13. It sounds hard to believe but maybe Spurs are in the dark as well? Maybe Kawhi has left the team for a period of time, looked for other opinions on his own, and the team has been disconnected. It's really strange.
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