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  1. Man those highlights didn't look fluky and check out this article https://www.si.com/nba/nets/news/spencer-dinwiddie-on-nic-claxton-nets-second-most-talented-player But in reality it's going to be hard for him to get minutes outside of cutting into Deandre Jordans 25min/game once Jeff Green and KD come back fully healthy It seems like they're playing him alongside Harden for a few minutes at the opening of each Q and working on the PnR! If you wished you were holding R.Williams makes sense to hold this guy as a per min beast!
  2. I wonder how many weeks/games/cats were lost holding on to this guy and we really gonna gloat about 4 3PTs ...yea gonna take a little more than that to feel any remorse from having dropped this guy!
  3. Don't look back! With all the crazy rosters coaches are having to deploy this season you are easily going to fill that 2019 Bertans value! Dropped him for J.Holliday awhile back and I couldn't be happier! Got tempted to check in after seeing how well he did in the 1st Q and it turns out that's all he had to offer... Holding onto these guys just because you spent draft capital on them is the definition of sunk-cost fallacy!
  4. That's fair. Just remember, in a season like this where you're going to get guys like T.Maxey and RJax and other just pop off for 7-10 days at a time I'd be careful in the "wait and see" approach, especially when it's actively hurting your team!
  5. lol Hmmmm let's see so I got Delon Wright but guys owned under 50% in Yahoo how about C.Reddish, or maybe R.Rubio, or you could even get TJ.McConnell or Tyus Jones. Doesn't matter who, in the end a streaming spot will easily give you the production you were hoping for...
  6. I wonder if y'all actually watch any of the games? Even with all the injuries to the Blazers, nothing has changed in terms of usage or actual output. You can't always count history. The first reply to you was actually about his "fit" on the Blazers. Opprtunity/situations matter. He went from a dream situation playing PF/C small ball and on defense using his quickness and length on PnRs getting stocks to now playing with a C and ton of SF/PF types and getting asked to just defend man on man. Hope he snaps out of it but ~1.5STLs ~2.5 3Pts I can find on the WW.
  7. Imo it's really not a bad take. He doesn't fit in Portland. Have you seen any of Portlands games? He doesn't pass the "eye" test. And I've said this in a previous post but he just stands in the corner and doesn't even crash the boards. His usage is down to <12% on that team and not much has changed even with the few games we got with no CJ or Nurk. You made a trade so I know your being overly optimistic and I'm a jaded RoCo owner who drafted him in the 5th round but g'luck. In the end he should get you STLs and 3Pts while taking a hit to your FG% but it just seems like value you
  8. This is what I get for being a hypocrite. I dropped him, and now he's blossoming even more with a solid FG% and less TOs! I didn't deserve you!
  9. I wonder if it's because you spent premium draft capital on him thinking he would carry your 3PT cat. But instead he's tanked your FG% and held a roster spot that could have been K.Johnson, or D.Garland, or even D.Hunter, maybe T.Halliburton, might have even made a play for D.Robinson. I wonder...
  10. Interesting for sure but you can't always trust just the box score. He does not pass the "eye" test. He looks hesitant in this system, hangs out at the 3pt line, doesn't even crash the boards. In that 16'-17' season his Usage % was close to 20. Last year for Houston it was 15% and it is currently 12% with Portland. Sure he didn't forget how to play, but he is not fitting in or being utilized well in Portland which is getting compounded even more with his streaky shooting. In terms of stocks Covington is an elite off-the ball defender and was most effective when he rotated off bigs i
  11. Hey he got 2 FTs there at the end of regulation so congrats on the 4-4 tie! Meanwhile all I asked for was at least 5 REBs and RoCo did not deliver... He still holds a lot of real-life value for Portland on Defense but he just doesn’t look good on Offense; hesitant shot, doesn’t crash the boards, just hangs around the 3pt line. Even without Nurc and CJ his usage is horrible! People say he started slow last year but this Portland team has bigs and efficient shooters unlike Houston last year. At this point its sunk cost fallacy and he's just losing us weeks with his horrible %'s and no
  12. 2nd game back from a shoulder injury and he's coming off the bench. Give him some time to find his rhythm, what we saw in the beginning of the season was real development ...stay the course!
  13. It's gotta be Lamb if you're looking for better efficiency! Plus with Hawks guards/wings all getting healthy Reddish is going to be way more inconsistent!
  14. Idk why people are scooping up the likes of Gary Trent Jr and Rodney Hood when this is the guy to own! No CJ McCollum going forward and this guy is not afraid to take the shots AND he's getting stocks. Might take a hit on the FG% but seems like a risk worth taking right now...
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