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  1. The “top expert” rankings from Fantasy Pros love Wilson this week, seeing him in the RB7-9 range which seems crazy to me. Clearly that community is seeing something they like, though.
  2. Imagine having 2020’s version of Arian Foster, riding him all year to the fantasy championship, and then sitting him in his last game and watching him blow up on your bench. I can’t imagine anything worse than that. If he plays, I play him.
  3. I really worry about the game flow situation with Beathard at QB. He is not a good player and I can easily see Arizona lighting it up on the other side. Wilson is not their guy on passing downs and I think that’s going to make up the bulk of their plays with this dude at QB. Will he be the starting RB? Yes. But sometimes that doesn’t translate to fantasy production, and in this case I don’t see any 49ers player as a good bet for production besides Aiyuk, who also should be pegged down further than he has been given the clown that’s throwing to him. The fact that Mullens is out seems to be comp
  4. Was in a pile up, walked off on his own power and they are down so much there’s no reason to bring him back. Cautiously optimistic about him right now.
  5. If we expect a blowout the points have to come from somewhere. The Jets have played very few competitive games this year and yet they are 6th worst against opposing WRs, so clearly points are being scored by WRs in non-competitive games against the Jets. You can do mental gymnastics on any player to justify why they won’t perform in a given week, but most teams shouldn’t even be considering sitting Woods, a top 14 option at worst, in the fantasy playoffs given his recent production and role on the team.
  6. 29.9% target share in their past 4 games (that's elite). Averaging 11.5 targets, 8.5 receptions, 82 yds, .25 TDs. That's 18pts per game average. If he plays you have to play him.
  7. I'm rolling him out this week. Just have a feeling we see some vintage AB against the terrible Falcons secondary. The logic I'm using isn't great because his snap share last week was his lowest since he's been on the Bucs and there's no reason to believe he will get double-digit targets on Sunday, but my gut is telling me that he scores his first TD of the season this week and he is the primary weapon for a Bucs offense that won't have RoJo this week.
  8. Yes. He is already a high-end QB1 with a high floor and a ceiling similar to Lamar. The rushing attempts last week tell you everything you need to know about how the coaching staff is willing to let Hurts play to his strengths and carry the ball. He’s not going to rush for 100 yds every week but he’s likely to see a TD or two on the ground—and he’s a better passer than his yardage totals last week indicate. People tend to vastly ignore how valuable a rushing QB is in fantasy football. Look at Taysom Hill for a great example—better supporting cast than Hurts but he’s half the talent. He’s
  9. Still listed Doubtful on Yahoo, WTF? Are they going to screw us with his designation? Would love to slide him into IR to float a RB handcuff this week.
  10. It happens every single time we get our first peek at one of these rushing QBs—the fantasy community vastly underrates them because they confuse real life performance with fantasy performance. They come in criminally undervalued and then before you know it they are a QB1. This year it’s Taysom Hill. Years past it has been Kyler, Lamar, Cam, Tyrod, Vick when he came back, he’ll even Tebow had a fantasy run where he was starting on someone’s team in your league every week. For whatever reason people still haven’t caught on to the fact that if we’ve got a guy we haven’t seen play, and he can run
  11. People are sleeping on this guy. The kid can scoot and in fantasy football you want that rushing upside from your QB position. I think he’s being extremely undervalued—not a guy you start this week but he might end up surprising a lot of people today, and if he shows any semblance of fantasy production today (15+ pts) he is going to be a top 12 option last two weeks of the season. I want him on every bench in every league I own. In 2QB leagues it’s a no brainer. He shouldn’t be unowned anywhere besides 8 team 1QB leagues in my opinion.
  12. When you dominate snaps for a team and have a modicum of talent, eventually the law of averages will win out. Combine that with a matchup against the worst team in the league against RBs and you get the result you are seeing now.
  13. A lot of hand wringing from Duke owners in his thread today. Hope they took my advice, he was due for a game like this.
  14. Lions defense against RBs is worst in the league, both in rushing yardage and through the air, and I still don’t see who is going to compete with Duke in snap share. The first week he started was a total wash given the weather and the fact that nobody did anything on offense on either side. Last week wasn’t good at all I’ll admit, but now they are down two WRs. Texans will need to run and Duke is their guy.
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