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  1. Vacation for the lord, and still gave us 6 treys 👍👍👍
  2. Covington + derrick white = stocks machine with low impact on fg% ft% to
  3. chris paul + bertans + olynyk for d.white + covington + stewart 16team h2h 9cat who wins? WHIR
  4. 11pt 11reb 2 3pts 2stl 4blk Lord hath blessed us again
  5. Thank you for your response. Yeah in deep leagues even the borderline 100 guys are important
  6. Lou heating up again the past few games
  7. Thanks for replying to my thread. I would keep Bam and Lowry
  8. Thank you for responding to my thread. This seems pretty even... I would like Hield+OG side a bit better because I think Hield can still get better. But i cant fault you for choosing to keep SGA who is a beast.
  9. Hi, thanks for your advice in my thread. How many players in your league (how deep is your league)? What is your lineup? Typically, I would keep simmons and robinson especially if in a shallow league. If you are in a deep league (16team+) and you want to avoid punt ft%, then only then will i consider doing the trade. But i would guess that i can still look for a better haul for simmons+robinson.
  10. Is this a fair deal? Which side is better? 16team league 9cat h2h Thank you! WHIR
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